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Leamington Spa. Arnold Lodge School

Group of pupils and staff from Arnold Lodge School, Leamington Spa. 1930s [ A correspondent has added that, " The photograph shows Mr and Mrs Groves and the pupils of Southlands School circa 1938/39. ...

Leamington Spa. Upper Parade

The Upper Parade, Leamington Spa. 1947

Leamington Spa. Parade

The Upper Parade showing Christchurch which was demolished in 1959.

Leamington Spa. Parade

The Upper Parade in the 1860s.

Warwick. High Street

High Street, Warwick showing shops, tramwires and a car. 1922

Warwick. High Street

Warwick High Street showing the Warwick Arms Hotel. 1921

Wellesbourne. Wellesbourne Hall, rear and lawns

Wellesbourne. Wellesbourne Hall. Rear of house and lawns

Wellesbourne. Wellesbourne Hall, front

Wellesbourne. Wellesbourne Hall. Front of house

Leamington Spa. Villiers Street

Rows of terraced houses in Villiers Street. 1900s The raised land in the foreground is spoil from the brick works which spread in an easterly direction from the end of Villiers Street.

Warwick. St John's

Warwick, Saint John's. 1900s The house on the extreme right is The Brook. This was demolished, supposedly to widen the road. The land adjoining is now the site of the row of shops.

Rowland Edward Leyland Naylor

A photographic portrait of Rowland Edward Leyland Naylor (1851-1949) by Bullock Brothers of Leamington Spa. From about 1905 until his death Mr Naylor lived in Harrington House at 12 Newbold Terrace in ...

Warwick. Vine Inn

The Vine Inn in West Street, Warwick. [Evidence has been provided to show that this photo was taken in the period 1945 - 1950 when the Licencee was D J Hart.]

Warwick. East Gate and St James' Church

Warwick East Gate surmounted by St James' Church. 1870s

The Edge of the Cliff, Newlyn

Benjamin Haughton (1865-1924) The Edge of the Cliff, Newlyn Oil on canvas 639mm x 560mm A moonlit scene looking out to sea at Newlyn, Cornwall. There are cowslips and other plants in the foreground.

Sheldon Tapestry Map of Warwickshire

The Sheldon Tapestry Map of Warwickshire is in the collection of the Warwickshire Museum Service. It measures 5.1 x 3.9 metres and is usually on display at the Market Hall Museum in Warwick. It is ...

long Itchington. Holy Trinity church

Holy Trinity church, Long Itchington, seen across the fields. November 28th 1956

Napton on the Hill. Peace with Victory gathering

A large group of men, women and children, with a "Peace with Victory" banner in Napton on the Hill. 1910s

Rugby. Church Street and Market Clock Tower

Church Street, Rugby, looking toward market place clock tower. Iron railings fencing Church. Woman and girl walking. 1890s