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Ilmington. "Last Chance" on Front Street

"Last Chance Cottage" in Front Street, Ilmington. 1910s.

Ilmington. "The Bevingtons"

Ilmington "The Bevingtons" , Middle Street. 1920

Ilmington. Camden Cottage

Camden Cottage and Cottage of Content, Camden Hill, Ilmington. 1920

Ilmington. Campden Road

Three girls pushing a child in a pushchair in Campden Road (now Street), Ilmington. 1900s

Ilmington. Catholic School

Group of pupils outside the catholic school, Ilmington. 1910s

Ilmington. Church

Exterior of the church of St Mary, Ilmington. 1920s

Ilmington. Clifford's Orchard

Clifford's Orchard (left) and Apple Tree Cottage (right), Ilmington. 1912 [This picture was taken from approximately OS Ref. 421025, 243339, facing north, towards the church.]

Ilmington. Clog dancers in front of The Howard Arms

Clog dancers performing in front of The Howard Arms, Ilmington. 1980s

Ilmington. Club members in procession

Club members [?] in procession outside the Dower House in Back Street, Ilmington. 1920

Ilmington. Cottages

Cottages in the centre of Ilmington. 1900s

Ilmington. Cottages

Cottages and farm building in Ilmington. 1900s

Ilmington. Cottages

Thatched and other cottages in Ilmington. 1900s

Ilmington. Cottages

A street with cottages in Ilmington. 1900s

Ilmington. Cottages at cross-roads

Cottages at the cross-roads in Ilmington. 1948

Ilmington. Council housing

New council housing at Ilmington. 1930s

Ilmington. Country lane

A country lane, Ilmington. 1900s

Ilmington. Country lane

Lane in Ilmington, with horse and cart in front of a house. 1900s

Ilmington. Crab Mill

The Crab Mill, Ilmington. 1920s