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Warwick Central Hospital(5)
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Hatton Bank. London to Birmingham train

Hatton Bank. London to Birmingham passenger train G.W.R. Pulled by engine 4030 4-6-0. 1920s

Hatton Hill.

Hatton Hill. 1910

Hatton. Asylum Lodge. Leigh House

Leigh House, Hatton Asylum. 1910s

Hatton. Asylum, haymaking at the farm

Haymaking on Asylum Farm, Hatton. 1900s

Hatton. Asylum branch building entrance

Path leading to a branch building at the asylum (Central Hospital), Hatton. 1890s

Hatton. Asylum Lodge.

The Lodge at Hatton Asylum with a nurse standing at the gate. 1900s

Hatton. Central Hospital

Hatton Central Hospital View of tower from drive. 1953

Hatton. Central Hospital Recreation Room

The recreation room with scaffolding, Central Hospital, Hatton. 1953

Hatton. Church and lych gate

Hatton parish church and lych gate. 1910s

Hatton. Church interior

Hatton Church interior. 1910s

Hatton. Country lane

Lane at outskirts of Hatton village, cottages and horse-drawn cart. 1900s

Hatton. Country lane

A country lane, showing a lady with a bicycle, Hatton. 1900s

Hatton. Cricket Team

The Cricket Team, Hatton. 1900s

Hatton. Express train

Paddington to Birmingham Express drawn by engine " King Henry V" No6019, Near Hatton. 1940s

Hatton. Fancy dress at village hall

Costumed ladies on stage at village hall, Hatton. 1928

Hatton. Grand Union Canal

The canal, showing lock, cottage and working barges, Hatton. 1900s

Hatton. Grand Union Canal

The canal at Hatton. 1920s

Hatton. Grand Union Canal, top lock

The Top Lock, Hatton. Canal, lock and two barges. Lock cottage. 1900s