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Eathorpe. Co-operative Stores

Co-operative Stores at Eathorpe. 1900s

Eathorpe. Co-operative Stores

The Co-operative Stores with advertisements for 'Libby's' products in the window. There are numerous pots pans and kettles hanging from the ceiling of the shop. 1900s

Eathorpe. Co-operative Stores and Post Office

Eathorpe stores and post office with two boys and their toy cart in front. 1910s

Eathorpe. Cottages

Street in Eathorpe with group of children standing in front of cottages. 1900s

Eathorpe. Cottages and fields

Street in Eathorpe with cottages and fields in the background. 1900s

Eathorpe. Hall

Front garden of Eathorpe Hall. 1910s

Eathorpe. Hall

The Hall, Eathorpe. 1900s

Eathorpe. Hall

Eathorpe Hall. 1880s

Eathorpe. Hall stable block

Eathorpe Hall stable block. 1880s

Eathorpe. Mill and Mill House

The mill and mill house, Eathorpe. Circa 1920

Eathorpe. Mill House

The Mill House, Eathorpe with group of workers and their horses and carts. Before 1903

Eathorpe. Plough Inn

The Plough Inn, Eathorpe. Sign on wall saying "Leamington Ales & Stouts. Two bicycles by wall. 1900s

Eathorpe. Post Office

The Post Office at Eathorpe with lady standing in doorway. 1900s

Eathorpe. Post Office

Post office and cottages in Eathorpe. People standing outside Post Office. 1900s

Eathorpe. Smithy

The Smithy at Eathorpe with horses and workers at door. Also a pony and trap with three ladies. 1900s

Eathorpe. Thatched cottages

Row of thatched cottages in Eathorpe. 1900s

Eathorpe. Village hall under construction

Eathorpe village hall under construction. 1956