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Coleshill Church

A black and white postcard of the Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul from across the fields at Coleshill. 88mm x 137mm

Coleshill Church

A black and white postcard of a drawing of Coleshill Church. 138mm x 85mm.

Coleshill. "Ye Olde Stocks"

"Ye Olde Stocks" in Coleshill. 1910s

Coleshill. Aerial view

Aerial view of Father Hudson's homes, Coleshill. 1930s

Coleshill. Auxiliary Fire Brigade

Coleshill Auxiliary Fire Service. 1939-1945

Coleshill. Bacon's End

Jonnie Warner's Bridge, Bacon's End, on the Chester Road. 1920s

Coleshill. Bathing Place

Coleshill bathing place in the River Blythe at the bottom of Maxstoke Hill. 1920s

Coleshill. Beggars Well

The Beggars Well, Coleshill. with a lady leaning on the well. 1900s

Coleshill. Bridge repairs on A446 Road

Diving operations in the River Tame, Coleshill, whilst carrying out repairs to the road bridge on the A446 road. Picture shows Mr Alan Carr in diving outfit on the ladder. September 8th 1968.

Coleshill. Bridge repairs on A446 Road

Robert McCann, chief diver, helping Alan Carr prepare for a dive at the bridge repairs on the A446 road, Coleshill. September 8th 1968.

Coleshill. Chelmsley Hill

The old Chester Road, between Castle Bromwich and Stonebridge. In the distance is Bacon's End Bridge. The lorry belonged to JB & S Lees Ltd a firm of iron founders and timber merchants in West Bromwich. ...

Coleshill. Chelmsley Woods

Footpath among the trees in Chelmsley Woods, near Coleshill. 1900s

Coleshill. Children dressed in "Japanese" costumes

A group of children dressed as Japanese for a play, Coleshill. 1910s [Shows a production of the Mikado, the children in it are from Parkfield Road School, Coleshill.]

Coleshill. Children enacting "The House that Jack built"

Children enacting " The House that Jack built ", Coleshill. 1910s

Coleshill. Children formed up as "a coach"

Children arranged to form " a coach ", Coleshill. 1917

Coleshill. Church

Church of Saints Peter and Paul, Coleshill, viewed from the croft and graveyard. 1960s

Coleshill. Church and Grammar School

A view of the church and grammar schools at Coleshill. 1900s [ Note that there is not a clock face above the chancel. The other three faces of the tower do have clock faces. Only just visible in this ...

Coleshill. Church interior

Interior of church of SS Peter & Paul, Coleshill. 1910s