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Band Playing in Jephson Gardens

Photograph by J G Prestidge of a band playing in the Jephson Gardens during a carnival in Leamington Spa

Claverdon. Church

Claverdon Church. 1960s

Claverdon. Church of St Michael

Church of St Michael, Claverdon. c.1910

Claverdon. Church under repair

Repairs to Claverdon church tower. 1956

Claverdon. Crown Inn

The Crown Inn and cottages at Claverdon. July 1955

Claverdon. Crown Public House

The Crown Public House, Claverdon, and crowd with banner. ? Friendly society. 1900s

Claverdon. Leamington to Gloucester train

Claverdon Station. The Leamington to Gloucester train hauled by "Winchester Castle" No 5042. 1964

Claverdon. Lye Green

Lye Green, Claverdon. 1900s

Claverdon. Lye Green

Lye Green, Claverdon. 1900s

Claverdon. Old Manor House

The Old Manor House, Claverdon. 1920s

Claverdon. Old Stone Building

The Old Stone Building, Claverdon. Its original function is not known. 1920s

Claverdon. Railway Station

Claverdon, new railway station, on 13 July 1939.

Claverdon. Railway Station

Claverdon Station showing a stationary goods train. 1900s [Apparently this is is not a train. "Up until the 1930s the line was single and the 'second' line (where the waggons are stationary) was a ...

Claverdon. Railway Station

Exterior of Claverdon Station. 1964

Claverdon. Road into village

Road leading to Claverdon. 1960s

Claverdon. Scout Hut

The Scouts Hall, Claverdon. Postmark 1916

Claverdon. Smithy

The Smithy, showing the horseshoe doorway. c.1910

Claverdon. St Michael's Church

St Michael's Church, Claverdon. 1900s