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Cherington and Stourton. Volunteers

Cherington and Stourton Volunteers. Group of men in village street, holding Union flag. September 10th 1914

Cherington and Stourton. Volunteers

Cherington and Stourton Volunteers. Group of men and women standing in front of cottages. September 10th 1914

Cherington House.

Exterior view of Cherington House in the 1880/90s.

Cherington House. Including gardens

Cherington House and gardens with a man and two ladies playing croquet. 1880/90s

Cherington, Little.

Little Cherington. Field with road beyond and cottages. 1900s

Cherington. Baker Boys with horses and carts

Baker boys with horses and carts in Cherington. 1910s

Cherington. Brass Band Silver Jubilee

Cherington and Sutton brass band silver jubilee. 1935

Cherington. Cherington House [?] Interior

Interior of a house in Cherington, possibly Cherington House. 1895

Cherington. Cherington House [?].

Group of ladies reading and relaxing outside Cherington House [?]. 1894

Cherington. Children on a Shetland pony

Three unknown children on a Shetland pony, possibly outside Cherington House. 1880/90s

Cherington. Choral Society

Members of the choral society, Cherington. 1930s.

Cherington. Church of St John the Baptist

Church of St John the Baptist, Cherington. 1920s

Cherington. Cottages

Cherington village cottages. 1920s

Cherington. Cottages

A lane and cottages in Cherington. 1895

Cherington. Cross country running team

Cherington cross country running team, who were the cup winners in 1923.

Cherington. Dickins family group

A Dickins family group standing in front of a small thatched summer house at Cherington. 1895. From left to right - M. Dickins, R. Dickins, W.P. Dickins, C.F. Dickins, H.E. Dickins and C.L. Dickins.

Cherington. Dickins family servants

Group of family servants with Mrs Dickins of Cherington House. 1895 Back row from left - Elizabeth Sturch, H. Woodward, L. Cooper and T. Lewingdon. Front row from left - Mrs Woodward, E. Sexston and ...

Cherington. Donkey and farm buildings

A donkey in harness in front of farm buildings at Cherington in 1895.