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Bilton Grange.

Aerial view of Bilton Grange School buildings and sports fields. Late 1950s

Bilton Grange.

Bilton Grange showing part of gardens. 1900s

Bilton Grange. School carpenters shop

Bilton Grange School carpenters' shop with pupil's at work. 1930s

Bilton Grange. Swimming bath

The swimming bath at Bilton Grange with boys swimming and adult onlookers. 1900s

Bilton. Army airship

HMA Delta on army manoeuvres at Bilton Grange. 1913

Bilton. Army manoeuvres

HMA Delta during army manoeuvres at Bilton. 1913

Leg Irons

A pair of 'cuff' shaped leg irons, from Bilton Grange. The pair have one iron bar running through the open end of the two.