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Astley Castle, Warwickshire

John Preston Neale (c. 1771-1847) Astley Castle, Warwickshire Ink on paper 140mm x 255mm This print depicts a view looking towards Astley Castle in Warwickshire. The inscription below the image, to ...

Astley. Astley Castle

Astley Castle and Church 1899. [It has come to our attention this photo is a negative from the Sir Benjamin Stone Collection, reference 'Stone 25/4'. Sir Benjamin Stone died in 1914. ]

Astley. Astley Castle

Stone archway entrance to Astley Castle. Part of castle and greenhouse roof. 1900s

Astley. Astley Castle

Watercolour of part of Astley Castle ruin. 1800s

Astley. Astley Castle

Astley Castle. 1800s

Astley. Church

Astley church. 1900s

Astley. Church

View of Astley church during the underpinning operations by the National Coal Board. 1951

Astley. Church and School

School children in school playground, two women talking in lane and Astley church in the background. 1900s

Astley. Dark Lane

Dark Lane, Astley. 1900s

Astley. Footpath to the Church

Footpath leading to Astley church. 1950s

Astley. Forge

The Forge, Astley. 1920s [It has been pointed out that this is not the forge at Astley. The wherabouts of this photograph is at present unknown but will be corrected if further information is forthcoming]...

Astley. Post Office

Post Office and cottages in Astley. 1900s

Astley. Post Office and cottages under snow

Astley Post Office and cottages under snow. 1952

Astley. Schoolboys

Group of schoolboys, Astley. 1899

Astley. Snow scene

Vauxhall car belonging to Mr H.S. Bull (registration number BNX 764) pictured in the snow near Astley, Nuneaton. 1956

Astley. Sub-Postmasters

Astley sub- postmasters in the late 19th century.

Astley. Underpinning the Church

Close up of the underpinning of Astley church wall which was carried out by the National Coal Board. 1951

Astley. Worcestershire Church interior

Interior of Astley church. 1900s [This is not the interior of St Mary the Virgin Church in Astley, Warwickshire, but that of St Peter's Church, Astley near to Stourport, Worcestershire]. [It is ...