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Ashorne. A group of school children

A group of school children, Ashorne. 1910s

Ashorne. A group of scouts

A group of Boy Scouts, Ashorne. 1920s

Ashorne. Ashorne Hall

Ashorne Hill showing front elevation, terrace and haha. 1900s

Ashorne. Chapel

Ashorne Chapel and village with children on the green. 1908

Ashorne. Cottage Tavern

The Cottage Tavern, Ashorne. 1900

Ashorne. Cottages

Ashorne view of cottages. 1920

Ashorne. Cottages and their occupants

Ashorne village showing a row of cottages and their occupants. 1900s

Ashorne. Donkey rides

A group of people riding donkeys in Ashorne. 1920s

Ashorne. Girls dancing around the Maypole

Girls dancing around the maypole in Ashorne. 1910

Ashorne. Hill Farm

Front view of Ashorne Hill Farm. 1935

Ashorne. Hill Farm

Rear view of Ashorne Hill Farm. 1935

Ashorne. Local fishmonger's horse and cart

Benison's fishmongers horse and cart outside a cottage in Ashorne. 1910s

Ashorne. May Day celebrations

May Day celebrations, showing children around the maypole in Ashorne. 1910s

Ashorne. Maypole dancing

Ashorne children about to dance around the maypole. 1930s

Ashorne. Old range in Forge Cottage

Forge Cottage, Ashorne, before conversion, showing the range in the main downstairs room. The range was to remain after conversion in May 1979.

Ashorne. Poplar Cottages

Poplar Cottages at Ashorne. 1910

Ashorne. Queen Victoria's diamond jubilee celebrations

Warwick town band at Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee celebrations at Ashorne. 1896

Ashorne. School children

A group of school children at Ashorne. 1920s