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Arbury Hall(5)South Farm(2)
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Arbury. Aerial view of Arbury Hall

Aerial view of Arbury Hall and its environs. 1957

Arbury. Arbury Hall

Arbury Hall, the stable block 1950s

Arbury. Arbury Hall

Arbury Hall, Nuneaton. 1905

Arbury. Arbury Hall

Arbury Hall with view of the lake. 1900s

Arbury. Arbury Hall

Arbury Hall. 1950s

Arbury. Arbury Hall Bath House

A man with a shotgun outside The Bath House, Arbury Hall. 1905

Arbury. Arbury Hall drawing room

Furniture and furnishings in the drawing room at Arbury Hall, near Nuneaton. 1900s

Arbury. Arbury Hall Lodge

A lodge to Arbury Hall. Opposite Astley Pool. 1952

Arbury. Arbury Hall stables

The stables at Arbury Hall, from the south. 1950s

Arbury. Arbury Park in the snow

Sheep in the snow in Arbury Park. 1963

Arbury. Lake

Peaceful scene at Arbury water. 1900s

Arbury. Mr. F.A.N. Newdigate

Mr F.A.N. Newdigate of Arbury Hall, 1862-1936

Arbury. Newdegate family leaving Arbury Park in a car

The Newdegate family leaving Arbury Park in a car by Griff Gate? 1930s [This may possibly have been on the occasion of the visit of the then Prince of Wales in 1934/5]

Arbury. Old Mill

The Old Mill at Arbury. 1900s

Arbury. Old Teahouse

The Old Teahouse, Arbury. 1906

Arbury. Private canal

Arbury private canal and bridge showing end blocked off. 1900s

Arbury. Round Towers

The round towers at Arbury. 1950s

Arbury. Round Towers

Round Towers, Arbury Hall. 1960s