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Ansley. Atherstone point-to-point, ladies race

Ansley Point-to-Point Ladies Race. 1952

Ansley. Beech Terrace

'New Buildings', Beech Terrace, Ansley, showing terraced houses, front gardens and a group of children standing on the pavement. 1910s

Ansley. Brick Works

Frank Alton stacks a kiln at the Coal Board's Ansley Hall Brick Works, Ansley. 1969

Ansley. Brick Works

The Coal Board's Ansley brick works. Showing Terry Brown, driver, on the left with Tom Matthews, manager, with one of the last loads of bricks to leave the brick works. 1969

Ansley. Brick Works

Ansley Hall brick works. From left, Mark Lakin, Herbert Beale (at rear), Tom Matthews, Dennis Blower and Wilf Matthews. 1969

Ansley. Church

Ansley Church. 1800s

Ansley. Church interior

Ansley church interior. The supporting girders were added in 1960 by the National Coal Board to prevent subsidence while they mined underneath. They were removed in 1968. 1960s

Ansley. Church of England School Football Team

Ansley Church of England School football team. April 1st 1919

Ansley. Church of St Laurence

Church of St Laurence, Ansley. 1900s

Ansley. Exterior view of Ansley Hall

South West view of Ansley Hall. 1800s

Ansley. Hedge laying

Man hedgelaying at Ansley. 1953

Ansley. Mission church

Ansley Mission church. 1930s

Ansley. National Coal Board Stores

National Coal Board's Area Central Stores & Workshops at Piper's Lane, Ansley. October 29th 1965

Ansley. National Coal Board Stores

Stewart Oldham (left) and Tom Templar with a Gullick Mono Pump at the National Coal Board's area central stores, Pipers Lane, Ansley. March 31st 1972 [ Should be GULLICK hydraulic pump for face supports ...

Ansley. National School, class three

Ansley National school class three and teacher. 1900s

Ansley. Piper's Lane, snow scene

A lorry in the snow in Piper's Lane, Ansley. January 9th 1968

Ansley. Point-to-Point

Bookmakers at Ansley Point-to-Point races. 1952

Ansley. Road works

Road works at Ansley. 1925