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Alveston Church

A postcard of a lithographic print depicting the church at Alveston, Warwickshire, in 1837.

Alveston Church Font

A view of the font inside St Jame's Church in Alveston, Warwickshire. The postcard features a photograph by E. Manley.

Alveston Ferry.

Two ladies crossing the River Avon by the hand-pulled ferry. c.1911

Alveston Ferry.

The ferry at Alveston. 1910s

Alveston Ferry.

The Ferry at Alveston. 1920s

Alveston Ferry.

The Ferry at Alveston. 1900s

Alveston House.

Alveston House. 1910s


Alveston in the 1910s

Alveston. A modern house

A modern house in Alveston. 1930s

Alveston. Alveston Manor, interior

Interior view of one of the rooms in Alveston Manor. 1920s

Alveston. Armstrong Siddely car

An Armstrong Siddely car standing in street with a chauffeur in the driving seat at Alveston. 1900s

Alveston. Avon Cottage

Avon Cottage, Alveston. 1910s

Alveston. Bus en route for Tiddington

Local bus travelling from Alveston to Tiddington. 1967

Alveston. Bus Terminus

A Stratford Blue bus at the terminus in Alveston. 1967

Alveston. Church

St James' Church exterior, Alveston. 1920s

Alveston. Church interior

The altar at St James' Church, Alveston. 1900s

Alveston. Church interior

St James Church interior, looking east, Alveston. 1920s

Alveston. Cricket Ground

Alveston cricket ground, which was owned by J.B. Priestly. 1967