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Alcester Town Hall

The ancient town hall, Alcester. 1910s

Alcester. A crowd of people with a British Tank

A large crowd around an old British tank, in Alcester, with perhaps a band and placards about discharged sailors and soldiers, possibly armistice celebrations in 1918. [Looking closely at the door at ...

Alcester. A group of bakers

Staff of five bakers outside their shop, Alcester. 1930s

Alcester. A street party

A street party outside a public house, Alcester. 1930s

Alcester. A street party

A street party in Alcester. A number of the men are wearing military? uniform. 1930s

Alcester. Aeroplane crash

A crashed biplane on its back in a field, Alcester. 1925

Alcester. Alauna Dance Band

The Alauna Dance Band on stage in Alcester. 1930s

Alcester. Almshouses

Almshouses in Alcester. 1940s [This picture may have been taken in the late 1960s and not as shown 1940s, because of the broken windows. This photograph is of the Priory Almhouses on Birmingham Road ...

Alcester. Appears to be a temporary Post Office

Appears to be a temporary war time Post Office in Alcester Town Hall during World War II. 1940s

Alcester. Back of High Street

Back of High Street, Alcester. 1930s

Alcester. Baptist Free Church

Henley Street, Baptist Free Church, with a group of children with pram, standing at entrance to church, Alcester. 1900s

Alcester. Birmingham Road

Birmingham Road, Alcester, lined with shops and houses and with two parked cars. 1930s

Alcester. Bodkin Factory in Malt Mill Lane

Interior of the derelict bodkin factory in Malt Mill Lane, Alcester. 1967

Alcester. Bowls Club

Group photograph of the Bowls Club, Alcester. 1948

Alcester. Butter Street

Butter Street looking towards the Town Hall, Alcester. 1930s

Alcester. Butter Street

Shops in Butter Street, showing a woman pushing a pram and the Old butter market beyond the street, Alcester. 1950s

Alcester. Celebrations by The Town hall

Celebrations beside the Town Hall, Alcester. 1900s

Alcester. Chas. Jones., solicitor

Seated portrait of Chas. Jones (1804-74) Solicitor. Alcester. 1870s