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Bickmarsh Hall.

Rear view of Bickmarsh Hall, showing house with tennis lawn and deckchairs and metal seat. 1927

Clifford Chambers. Tennis

Lady and gentleman playing tennis on lawn. Onlookers. Clifford Chambers. 1900

Edgehill. Upton House

Front of Upton House with two lawn tennis courts on the lawn. 1910s

Lawn Tennis Rules

A booklet containing the rules of lawn tennis. It was published by Burgis and Colbourne Ltd of Leamington Spa on 7 February 1931.

Leamington College for Girls Tennis Badge

A Leamington College for Girls Tennis Badge which was worn by Mollie Pugh around 1930.

Leamington College For Girls Tennis Team

A photograph of the Leamington College for Girls Tennis Team of 1932-1933. Back row, left to right: Mollie Pugh, Jean Whitehead and Frankie Moon. Front row, left to right: Berthe Corbett, Gladys Hull ...

Leamington College for Girls, Tennis Staff

A black and white photograph of the tennis staff at the Leamington College for Girls in 1962. The college had moved from its premises on Avenue Road to the Blackdown site in 1956.116mm x 165mm

Leamington Lawn Tennis Club

A limited edition print from a sketch by Harry Glenn, founder of the Leamington Lawn Tennis Club. The print in brown on cream paper depicts the first game played at the tennis club in 1872. The edition ...

Leamington Lawn Tennis Club

A booklet printed with green text and black illustrations on a single sheet of cream paper. The booklet describes the origins of Lawn Tennis and the founding of the Leamington Lawn Tennis Club. It was ...

Leamington Spa. Graham Studios portrait

Ms Chambers posing holding a tennis racquet. 1879

Leamington Spa. Graham Studios portrait

The Elmsley brothers dressed for a game of tennis. Leamington Spa. 1893

Leamington Spa. Jephson Gardens

Tennis courts and players in Jephson Gardens, Leamington Spa. 1930s

Leamington Spa. Kingsley School tennis courts

Kingsley School tennis courts with players, Leamington Spa. 1950s

Leamington Spa. Pump Room Gardens

Tennis in the Pump Room Gardens, Leamington Spa. 1920s [This looks most like the lawn in the upper Jephson Gardens, looking parallel to Newbold Terrace . Tennis was played here from at least 1880 to ...

Leamington Spa. Royal Tennis Court Club

The Royal (real) Tennis court in Bedford Street, Leamington Spa. Three of the courts high plastered walls are flanked with a sloping penthouse and the server has to defend a long netted opening called ...

Leamington Spa. Victoria Park, tennis courts

Tennis courts in Victoria Park , Leamington Spa. 1920s

Moreton Morrell. Real tennis court

Real tennis court at Moreton Morrell. 1900s


This note was sent to Geoffrey Gibbs on 17 May 1933 from Beauchamp Square Lawn Tennis Club, Leamington Spa. It informs him that he has been elected as a member of the club.