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Alveston. River Avon at Hatton Rock

Hatton Rock by the River Avon at Alveston. 1910s


This Battledore is Victorian and is decorated with a pierced heart shape near the head. Battledore was a popular game among the upper classes in the 18th and 19th Centuries. The game involved two players ...

Bear Baiting

This is an oil painting on canvas depicting bear baiting. Once a popular spectacle in towns, bear baiting in Britain has been illegal since 1835. Shortly after it was banned, illegal bear baiting was ...

Belgrade Theatre Facade, Coventry

Showing main entrance from the outside.

Cherington. Two women chatting

Two women chatting, one leaning out of a window, the other standing outside. Cherington. 1900s

Country Procession

This panel painting depicts people arriving at a Country Fete on foot, horseback and by carriage. Some are making a tour of the allotment gardens. This painting was originally joined to Country Fete, ...

Dissected Puzzle

This form of puzzle, now known as a jigsaw, was originally called a dissected puzzle. The printed picture was applied to a thin sheet of wood, which was then dissected, or cut up, into pieces. It was ...

English Token or Gaming Counter

English brass gambling token or gaming counter, 1768 Diameter 20mm The obverse features the laureate bust of George III facing right and the inscription 'GEORGIUS III DEI GRATIA', 'George III By the ...

Family Group

This is an oil painting on canvas depicting a family group (father, mother, son and daughter) seated indoors, but the family are unknown. The two children are holding books which might be prayer books ...


A spring-powered gun from Lausanne, it is well made but of flimsy construction. The presence of a clamping screw on the right side-front and a notch opposite would seem to indicate that a detachable barrel ...

Happy Families Playing Cards

A complete set of Happy Families playing cards in a box. Each card bears a picture of a family member from one of the Happy Families and a description, for example: 'Miss Block the Barber's Daughter'. ...

Jephson Gardens, Leamington Spa

A black and white copy photograph by John Wright of the lake and lawn in the Jephson Gardens in the late nineteenth century. The Jephson Memorial is in the background, and people are playing croquet to ...

John Henry Hickman at the Royal Midland Counties Hospital

Black and white photograph of John Henry Hickman in a hospital bed doing embroidery at the Royal Midland Counties Hospital.

Kirkdale Cave, Yorkshire

This is a watercolour of an important archaeological excavation at Kirkdale Cave in Yorkshire. It is by an artist of the English School and dates from about 1824. On the reverse an inscription reads 'The ...

Leamington Spa. Buckle's Laboratory

Building at end of garden of No 5 Beauchamp Square, Leamington Spa, built by Samuel Buckle. Probably to be used as a photographic studio or scientific laboratory. 1880s

Leamington Spa. Jephson Gardens

People on the putting green in Jephson Gardens, Leamington Spa. 1930s

Leamington Spa. Pump Room Gardens

Pump Room Gardens with members of the public walking and seated and two perambulators, Leamington Spa. 1900s

Letter to Mary Sibree, envelope front

Transcript: Mrs Sibree J. Robertson Esq. Midcombe Villa Richmond Hills Clifton Prepaid Note: George Eliot (born Mary Ann Evans) was a local authoress based in the Coventry and Nuneaton ...