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A Morning's Tally

This is an oil painting on canvas depicting a dog which has caught three rats. There is a painted inscription which reads BOXER 1836. On the right of the painting is a house, and it is likely that this ...

Alcester. High Street

Alcester High Street with the hunt passing through. 1950s

Alcester. High Street with hunt meet

High Street showing a hunt meet, Alcester. 1950s

Arbury. Arbury Hall Bath House

A man with a shotgun outside The Bath House, Arbury Hall. 1905

Atherstone. Hounds

Pack of hounds in meadow and three men in overalls, with horses grazing, Atherstone. 1910s

Atherstone. Hunt Meeting

Gathering of cars and carriages at the Atherstone Hunt meeting. March 29th 1905

Atherstone. Hunt Meeting

Crowd of spectators on the steps of the grandstand at the Atherstone Hunt meeting. March 28th 1906

Barford. Miniature Rifle Club

Members of the Barford miniature rifle club. Back row, from left to right - J. Harrison, W. Bacon, T. Chadwick, Douglas Taylor. Middle row - R. Jones (chairman), A. Ireland, C. Wall, S. Jukes, E. ...

Barford. Pigeon shoot

Pigeon shooting party with guns. Marquee behind. Joe Plant, jockey, standing centre. Barford. 1920s

Bear Baiting

This is an oil painting on canvas depicting bear baiting. Once a popular spectacle in towns, bear baiting in Britain has been illegal since 1835. Shortly after it was banned, illegal bear baiting was ...

Bedworth. 'Blimey' Hall with a salmon

'Blimey' Hall with a salmon. Bedworth. 1920s

Billesley. Hunt Meet

The Hunt Meet at Billesley Hall. 1930s

Bilton. Lt. Colonel Frank West

Lt. Colonel Frank West sitting on his horse at Bilton. Lt. Colonel West married Miss Agatha Mary Dewar, elder daughter of Mr William Dewar an assistant master at Rugby School, in the chapel at Rugby School ...

Brailes, Lower. Hunt meet

Meet of the hunt in Lower Brailes. 1920s

Brailes, Lower. Sutton Brook

Lower Brailes. Marshall Findlay (son of the photographer) fishing by a bridge over the Sutton Brook. 1900s

Brailes, Lower. Warwick Hunt meet

The meet of the Warwick Hunt at Brailes Church with hounds and huntsmen and onlookers. 1910s

Caldecote. Opening meet of The "Atherstone"

A few of the hunting folk at the opening meet of the "Atherstone" at Caldecote. November 5th 1906

Canada Goose decoy

This is a polychrome pine floating goose decoy, detailed with stylised plumage. Decoys were carved and painted by hunters, who set out to capture the essence of a bird rather than creating precise ornithological ...