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Admission Ticket for a Leamington Spa Sports Meeting

A schoolboy's ticket for a Leamington Spa Cycling And Athletic Club Sports Meeting, 25th June 1936.

Athletics at a Sports Day

A colour tinted photograph depicting a scene at a sports day. Five athletes are racing on the running track.

Brailes, Lower. Sports day

Sports day with girls running race in Lower Brailes. 1900s

Cherington. Cross country running team

Cherington cross country running team, who were the cup winners in 1923.

Edmondscote Athletics Track Opening, Leamington Spa

This photograph was taken at the opening of the Edmondscote Athletics Track, Leamington Spa, in 1987. Present were (from left): Alan Pedley, Amenities Officer for Warwick District Council, Ted Clifford ...

European Cup Race Walking Programme

A souvenir programme for the European Cup Race Walking 2007, which was held at Victoria Park, Leamington Spa on 20 May 2007.

Godiva Harriers

Group portrait of the Coventry Godiva Harriers athletics club.

Leamington Spa Harriers Eight Mile Handicap: Winner's Medal

A silver eight-pointed star shaped medal which has a bronze centre depicting a running man. This medal was awarded to the winner of the Leamington Spa Harriers eight mile handicap, 23rd February 1884.

Leamington Spa. Boys' race

Boy's 100 yards sprint race, Leamington Spa. Winner T. Hill. Left to right: Reynolds, Chalmers, Chernsides(?) T. Hill, Mr Shipman holding tape, P. Brookland, L. Kennan, Howden, C. Wells, Reed. 1920s...

Mens Road Race, Leamington Spa

Black and white photograph of a mens road race organised by the Cycling and Athletics club, c.1950-1964. There are two men in the foreground, racing past a group of spectators.

Rugby School. Broad jump

The broad jump at Rugby school sports. 1907

Rugby School. Sports

High jump at Rugby school sports. 1907

Rugby School. Sports

Rugby School sports. 1907

Rugby School. Sports

Rugby School Sports. 1908

Rugby School. Steeplechase

Rugby School Steeplechase, crossing the River Avon. 1908

Rugby. Leicester Rugby Union Walk

The Leicester Rugby Union walk from Leicester to Hinckley. The tall man 'arrowed' with his head against the white blind is C.H. Cooker who won the race. 1904

Sports Day, Leamington Spa

A view of the spectators sitting around a running track during a sports day in Leamington Spa.

Sports Day, Leamington Spa

A scene with five athletes racing on a running track during a sports day at Leamington Spa.