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A. Marshall, Dyer and Scourer

This is an oil painting depicting the premises of A. Marshall, Dyer and Scourer in St Ann's Street in Nottingham and which was painted by Arthur Goodwin in 1898. In the lower right corner is inscribed ...

Adderley Street, Coventry

Street view showing part of Adderley Street. Man on bicycle can be seen in the background.

Alcester. Flood

A flooded street in Alcester showing the Cross Keys public house. People viewing from first floor windows and doorways of terraced houses. 1 June 1924.

Alcester. Henley Street

Henley Street, Alcester, showing houses, shops, people and children in the street. 1900s

Alcester. Henley Street

Henley Street, Alcester. 1920s

Alcester. Malt Mill Lane

Malt Mill Lane, Alcester. 1930s

Alcester. Seggs Lane

Seggs Lane, Alcester, showing houses and women with children in push chairs. 1950s The wall on the right has long been demolished to make way for what is now [2018] Globe House (the library and fire ...

Althorpe Street, Leamington Spa

Two children and prams stand outside the houses on Althorpe Street, Leamington Spa. The photograph is from the 1947 Development Plan of Leamington Spa Borough Council.

Ansley. Beech Terrace

'New Buildings', Beech Terrace, Ansley, showing terraced houses, front gardens and a group of children standing on the pavement. 1910s

Ansley. Road works

Road repairs, Ansley. 1925

Astley. Post Office

Post Office and cottages in Astley. 1900s

Atherstone. Coleshill Street

Coleshill Street, Atherstone, with terraced houses and lamp posts. Three figures, one a boy with trolley. 1910s

Atherstone. Vinraces Row

Row of terraced houses and their gardens in Vinraces Row, Long Street. 1950s

Attleborough. Lutterworth Road & Highfield Road junction

Workmen repairing a wall at the junction of Lutterworth road and Highfield road, Nuneaton. 1920s

Attleborough. Park Avenue

Group of children and pony and trap in Park Avenue, Attleborough. 1900s

Bedworth. All Saints Terrace

Timber framed housing in All Saints Terrace, Bedworth taken from the graveyard. 1950s

Bedworth. Coventry Road

Coventry Road, Bedworth. Street scene with children and adults walking along pavement. 1900s

Bedworth. Coventry Road

A view of Coventry Road showing two motor cars, a tramcar and rails, Bedworth. 1930s