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Adelaide Bridge and the River Leam, Leamington Spa

A black and white photograph of Adelaide Bridge and the River Leam, Leamington Spa. It was produced by Valentines (no.3672).131mm x 202mm

Adelaide Bridge, Leamington Spa

This postcard shows Adelaide Bridge over the river Leam, Leamington Spa. 87mm x 138mm

Adelaide Bridge, Leamington Spa

A colour postcard of the river Leam and Adelaide Bridge, Leamington Spa. 86mm x 138mm

Alcester. Hoo Mill

Hoo Mill, Alcester. A man is standing on a rustic footbridge in front of the mill. 1930s [The man's name is Albert Stewart who lived at the mill at the time]

Alcester. Hoo Mill

View from the front of Hoo Mill, near Alcester. 1930s

Alcester. Oversley Bridge

Oversley Bridge, Alcester. The edge of the town is seen in the background. 1900s

Alcester. Oversley Bridge

Oversley Bridge, Alcester. 1920s

Alcester. River Bridge

Road bridge over the River Arrow at Alcester. 1900s

Alderminster. White Bridge

The White Bridge, Alderminster, showing the postman with bicycle crossing wooden bridge and a house in the background. 1920s

Arbury. Private canal

Arbury private canal and bridge showing end blocked off. 1900s

Ashow. Church and bridge

The Assumption of Our Lady Church and the footbridge over the River Avon, Ashow. 1890s

Ashow. Footbridge

The footbridge over the River Avon at Ashow. 1900s

Atherstone. Canal

Coventry Canal with towpath and bridge at Atherstone. 1960s

Atherstone. View of the canal and by-pass

View of canal and railway with cottages, Atherstone. 1960s

Barcheston. Weir

Barcheston weir on the River Stour. 1950

Barford. Bridge

The road bridge over the river Avon at Barford. 1958

Bidford on Avon. Bridge

Bidford on Avon bridge with horse and trap and people crossing the bridge. 1910

Bidford on Avon. Bridge

View of the bridge, flooded River Avon and surrounding area. Bidford on Avon, 1912