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Barford. Brian Steeds Garage

Brian Steeds Shell garage on Wellesbourne Road, Barford. Cars and van outside garage. 1960s

Barford. Regent Garage

Newly constructed Regent garage, Wellesbourne Road, Barford. 1967

Castle Square, Brighton

James and George Temple Castle Square, Brighton Watercolour on paper 410mm x 780mm A horse drawn carriage standing outside the Blue Coach Office and an Importer's shop. The south entrance to the Royal ...

Coleshill. High Street

Phipp's garage and five doors lower down the former "Three Horseshoes Inn", High Street, Coleshill. 1958

Grendon. Boot Inn

Two motor buses standing outside The Boot Inn, Grendon, ready for departure for a tour around Warwickshire. 1900s

Lapworth. Daimler car outside garage

Daimler - 25hp, in garage entrance at Lapworth. This car was registered to Cheshire Garage, Stratford Road, Hockley Heath in 1921. Picture also shows a selection of bicycles and a garage worker. 1920s...

Leamington Spa. Regent Garage

Motor cars and petrol pump with attendant on the forecourt of Regent Garage, Leamington Spa. 1962

Leamington Spa. Russell Street, Midland Autocar Showroom

Midland Autocar Showroom, Russell Street, Leamington Spa. 1958

Leamington Spa. Warwick Street

The junction of Guy Road with Warwick Street. On the corner stood the premises of J. Sherlock and Son, Motor Engineers. Next to the New Kings Arms public house was part of K. England's furniture shop...

Newbold on Stour. Old Turnpike

The old turnpike, with a horse and cart, and children in the road, Newbold on Stour. 1910s

Nuneaton. Abbey Service Station

Abbey service station in Church Street, in the course of demolition. This was in front of the newly constructed Public Library. 1900s

Nuneaton. Church Street, Bus Station

Nuneaton Bus Station. 1960s

Nuneaton. Harefield Road, bus station

Nuneaton Bus Station, Harefield Road. 1960s

Nuneaton. Tubby's Taxis H.Q.

Tubby's Taxis H.Q. in Abbey Street, Nuneaton, opposite Coach and Horses Public House. 22 March 1969

Stratford upon Avon. Shakespeare's birthplace

Shakespeare's Birthplace in Henley Street, Stratford upon Avon. Three ladies and one boy with bicycles. Another boy with them. 1900s