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Far Eastern Temple Building

Unknown artist Far Eastern Temple Building Ink on silk screen print 675mm x 575mm The print depicts the inside of a temple courtyard, with pagoda-style buildings and trees and hills beyond.


Folder containing ten linocuts by Dr V. Fanderlik, a Czechoslovak soldier: 1. Macedonia, 2. Isamboul - Aia Sophia, 3. Halleb - Syria, 4. Alexandria - Egypt, 5. Kreta, 6. Fort St. Jean - Marseille, 7. ...


This small metal model is from China. It is a model of a five-tiered pagoda or temple building.

Philae, Egypt

A sepia photograph of the ruins of the temple at Philae, an island on the Nile in Egypt. 174mm x 237mm

Temple of Antoninus and Faustina, Rome

A sepia photograph of the Temple of Antoninus and Faustina in the Forum, Rome. 175mm x 241mm

Temple of Mercury, Pompeii

A sepia photograph of a relief carving depicting a sacrifice, in the temple of Mercury at Pompeii. 143mm x 156mm