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Arch of Drusus, Rome

A sepia photograph of the Arch of Drusus in Rome. 242mm x 178mm

Arch of Drusus, Rome

A sepia photograph of the Arch of Drusus in Rome. 249mm x 179mm

Arch of Titus, Rome

A sepia photograph detailing the carving on the Arch of Titus in Rome. 172mm x 240mm

Arch of Titus, Rome

A sepia photograph of a carving on the arch of Titus in Rome. It shows a figure carrying a large candleabra. 176mm x 240mm

Architectural Photograph

A sepia architectural photograph of a series of ornate doorways, decorated with tiles. 303mm x 252mm

Architectural Photograph

A sepia architectural photograph of an ornate doorway, decorated with tiles. 297mm x 222mm

Babelik's Hospital, Warwick

Ambrose Poynter (1796-1886) Babelik's Hospital, Warwick Pencil and watercolour on paper 205mm x 130mm The drawing depicts a street scene in Warwick.

Chartres, France

A sepia photograph of the doorway to the cathedral at Chartres, there are four saints carved on either side. 207mm x 163mm

Church Porch

Richard M. Rayner (1843-1908) Church Porch Watercolour on paper 635mm x 530mm A view of an elaborate doorway, from inside a church porch.

Coaches Leaving the Saracen's Head, Lincoln

James and George Temple Coaches Leaving The Saracen's Head, Lincoln Watercolour on paper 495mm x 785mm The brothers James Temple (1843 – 1921) and George Temple (1847 – 1910) worked together as artists ...

Colliss Sketchbook - Castle Entrance, Warwick

William Colliss (d.1926) Castle Entrance, Warwick, Wednesday 7 August 1867 This drawing is from a portfolio containing 41 pages of sketches and watercolour paintings. It was bought by Leamington Spa Art ...

Compton Wynyates Doorway

James Edward Duggins (1881-1968) Compton Wynyates Doorway Pencil on paper 237mm x 190mm The drawing depicts the gateway at Compton Wynyates, Warwickshire. It was produced to illustrate Mary Dormer Harris' ...

Coventry & Warwickshire Hospital, Main Entrance

Showing front exterior of building.

Door Slightly Open

David Tindle (born 1932) Door Slightly Open, 1978 Tempera on masonite 523mm x 818mm

Ely Cathedral

A sepia photograph by W. A. Mansell & Co., London 231mm x 184mm This photograph depicts a view of Ely Cathedral, Cambridgeshire, with a detail of the West Doorway.

Griff House, front door.

Griff House, front door. Mary Ann's home between 1820-41, the family moved here when she was 4 or 5 months old. She referred to it as " old, old home" (Gordon Haight's George Eliot's Letters, Volume ...

Higham Park, Canterbury, Kent

Black and white photograph of Higham Park showing the entrance porch. 135mm x 101mm.

Landscape Through Sculpted Archway

Alma Ramsey (1907-1993) Landscape Through Sculpted Archway, 1982 Pastel on paper 675mm x 490mm Ramsey trained as a sculptor at the Royal College of Arts, under the direction of Gilbert Ledward and Henry ...