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Alcester. Crowd scene

Crowd watching a motor car belonging to Col. Lewis of Park Hall, Salford Priors. Number plate DA818. Containing the first Alcester man to volunteer in 1914, Alcester.

Broom. Local men going to enlist for the First World War

Men from Broom going to enlist in the Army. 1900s

Cherington and Stourton. Volunteers

Cherington and Stourton Volunteers. Group of men in village street, holding Union flag. September 10th 1914

Cherington and Stourton. Volunteers

Cherington and Stourton Volunteers. Group of men and women standing in front of cottages. September 10th 1914

Civil Defence Corps Recruitment Document

A document concerning membership and conditions of service. It includes an application form for enrolment as a part time member of the Civil Defence Corps, local divisions. The document is printed in ...

Civil Defence Corps Recruitment Leaflet

A leaflet asking for men and women to become volunteers for the Civil Defence Corps. It is printed in brown ink and covers four sides. The leaflet is divided in to sections: 'Here Are The Answers To Your ...

Civil Defence Display

Black and white photograph By Courier Photographic Services 164mm x 215mm A photograph of a man signing up at the Civil Defence Corps.

First World War Army Form B218M

An army form B.218N appealing to recruits and former officers. It is dated November 1914.

First World War Army Form B2512A

An application form to volunteer for service, 8th December 1915.

First World War Recruitment Letter

A letter from the War Office by the Director-General of Recruiting, requesting recruits.

First World War Recruitment Letter

A typed letter from Whitehall, dated April 1915. The letter requests a response to the demand for more men to go to war. It include discussion on recruiting from shops and trades.

First World War Recruitment Letter

A handwritten letter from Downing Street requesting the householder to complete a form regarding the members of the household in order to produce a register for possible recruits, November 1914.

First World War Recruitment Letter Envelope

A brown printed envelope addressed to the Parliamentary Recruiting Committee, for householders to return information regarding the members of their families.

First World War Recruitment Poster, 5th Royal Warwickshire Regiment

This is a First World War recruitment poster for the 5th Royal Warwickshire Regiment. The poster is printed on white paper with blue and red printing. It was produced in Birmingham, 1914-1918.

Hunningham. Group photograph

Group of middle-aged men by trees with three younger men in army uniform with them, Hunningham. 1916

Leaflet: An Outline of the Military Service Act

A pamphlet entitled 'An Outline of the Military Service Act', leaflet number 64. The Military Service Act, 1916, was the first law to introduce full conscription in Britain. Previous to this the government ...

Leamington Spa. Volunteer training group

Roll call of Volunteer Training Corps in Regent Grove, Leamington Spa. 1914

Military Recruitment Poster

A colour lithographic poster appealing for recruits. The poster has a print of a soldier set against a country village background. The text reads 'Your Country's Call/ Isn't This Worth Fighting For?/ ...