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Prisoner of War

Sir Terry Frost (13th October 1915 - 1 September 2003) Prisoner of War, 21st March 1944 Pencil on paper 440mm x 310mm Pencil sketch of one of the prisoners of war at Stalag 383 Prisoner of War camp. Frost ...

Prisoner of War Postcard

Printed postcard with a hand written message from prisoner-of-war, Mr. John Gill to M. W H Whapples thanking him for the cigarettes. The postcard is printed in German script with ink stamps in German ...

Royal Warwickshire Regiment P.O.W. minder.

A First World War Prisoner of War minder wearing Royal Warwickshire's cap badge. 1910s [Image is of a Prisoner of War in Minden, Germany.]

Wooden Toys

These wooden toys were made during World War II (1939 - 1945). They were made by German prisoners of war, who were doing agricultural work in the Warwick area. They were made for the children of a ...