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Doge's Palace, Venice

A sepia photograph of the facade of the Doge's Palace (Palazzo Ducale or Ducal Palace) and the prisons in Venice. 273mm x 352mm.

Georg Braun and Franz Hogenberg, Londinium, c.1572 - detail -The Tower of London.

The Tower of London in Shakespeare's time. The fortress on the banks of the tidal river Thames was a royal palace, and a prison stronghold. It also housed the royal armoury and a public menagerie. ...

John Howard Visiting Warwick Gaol

John Howard Visiting Warwick Gaol, 1899 Ink on paper 220mm x 175mm John Howard (1726-1790) was a philanthropist whose campaigns for prison reform led to two acts of parliament being passed in 1774. In ...

St Mary's Church, County Hall and the Gaol, Warwick

A framed colour engraving of St. Mary's Church, County Hall and the Gaol in Warwick. There are crowds of people in the foreground as well as dogs and a horse.

Warwick. Cape Road, Warwick Prison, officers

The Governor of Warwick prison, Mr D'Eath, seated in the centre, on his left, is the Chaplain to the prison, the Rev. Hall, who died in 1912. The staff at His Majesty's Prison, Warwick on 26th November ...