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Alcester. Celebrations by The Town hall

Celebrations beside the Town Hall, Alcester. 1900s

Alcester. Church fete

A stall at Alcester church fete in the Rectory Garden. Circa 1925.

Alcester. Co-operative Carnival, fancy dress

Two women dressed as sailors in the Co-operative Carnival in a photographic studio, Alcester. 1920s

Alcester. Co-operative Society carnival float

A carnival float in the form of a sailing boat from Alcester Co-operative Society. On the sail is printed "Co-operation weathers every storm". 1930s

Alcester. Decorated bicycles

A group of men and women each with decorated bicycles. Circa 1890

Alcester. Mop

Alcester Mop, showing fairground equipment and crowds. c.1910

Alcester. Wartime mop

A sidestall at a wartime mop in front of the church in Alcester. 1939

Alveston. Empire Day

Empire Day celebrations at Alveston. 1900s

Alveston. Empire Day

Procession of children for Empire Day, Alveston. 1900s

Arley. Empire Day celebrations

Arley children performing on Empire Day. 1914

Arley. Empire Day Celebrations

Arley children performing " Britannia greets England " on Empire Day. 1914

Arley. Empire Day Celebrations

Arley children depicting " New Zealand's Produce " on Empire Day. 1914. The girl holding the lamb is Laura Priest (now Mrs Laura Brain). The lady in the hat is Miss Gostick- teacher. 1914

Arley. Empire Day Celebrations

Arley children depicting " West Indies and their Produce "on Empire Day. 1914

Ashorne. Girls dancing around the Maypole

Girls dancing around the maypole in Ashorne. 1910

Ashorne. May Day celebrations

May Day celebrations, showing children around the maypole in Ashorne. 1910s

Ashorne. Maypole dancing

Ashorne children about to dance around the maypole. 1930s


A large gathering of people for a celebration in Atherstone. 1920

Atherstone. Ball Game

Atherstone carnival 1905. Annual ball game. Bakers v Publicans. Push off by Mr A Sale.