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All Saints Parish Church and Aylesford's Well, Leamington Spa

A sepia photograph of All Saints Parish Church and Aylesford's Well in Leamington Spa. In front of the church is a horse drawn tram of the Leamington to Warwick tramway. This photograph was taken between ...

Bedworth. Coventry Road

A view of Coventry Road showing two motor cars, a tramcar and rails, Bedworth. 1930s

Binley Road Looking Towards Gosford Street, Coventry

Street view of residential area showing tramlines in road and overhead wires.

Broadgate at Night, Looking South, Coventry

Two trams with advertisement on them can be seen in the foreground of the image.

Cross Cheaping

street view of Cross Cheaping showing shops, tram lines in road and people crossing the street.

Fillongley. Derelict tram

A derelict tram at Fillongley. 1970s

Leamington Spa. Avenue Road, tram

Tramcar standing at the terminus, Avenue Road. 1930s

Leamington Spa. Parade

The Parade, Leamington Spa. 1925

Leamington Spa. Parade

The Parade, Leamington Spa, showing a horse and carriage. 1910s

Leamington Spa. Parade

Two new electric trams in The Parade, Leamington Spa. 1905 (when the trams were electrified).

Leamington Spa. Spencer Street

View of Spencer Street, showing the tramway. 1910s

Leamington Spa. Spencer Street

Congregational Church, All Saints Parish Church. The small building at the end of the road is the original spa. Spencer Street, 'Avenue Road', Leamington Spa. Tram lines and overhead electrical system ...

Leamington Spa. Victoria Bridge

Victoria Bridge, Leamington Spa, with tram passing over. Road sweepers hand cart in foreground. 1900s

Leamington Spa. Victoria Parade

Victoria Parade with Parish Church and Lodge at entrance to Jephson Gardens. People walking in the road. 1900s

Leamington Spa. Warwick New Road

Warwick New Road, Leamington Spa showing tramlines and approaching tramcar. 1900s

Legal Document Concerning the Leamington Spa Tramway

This legal document is an order by the Board of Trade, in 1901, to authorise the conversion of the Leamington Spa tramway to electric power.

Legal Document Concerning the Leamington Tramway

This is a legal document detailing an agreement between the Leamington and Warwick Tramways Company and Leamington Corporation to convert the tramway to electric power. It was issued in 1900.

Memorial Card for Leamington and Warwick Horse Trams

A memorial card of Leamington Spa and Warwick horse trams from 1905. Horse-drawn trams first carried passengers between Leamington Spa and Warwick in 1881 and were in operation until the electric trams ...