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Barford. Brian Steeds Garage

Brian Steeds Shell garage on Wellesbourne Road, Barford. Cars and van outside garage. 1960s

Barford. Regent Garage

Newly constructed Regent garage, Wellesbourne Road, Barford. 1967

Bilton. Lawford Lane

View along Lawford Lane, Bilton. 1930

Bishops Itchington. Tom Edwards at filling station

Tom Edwards at Bishops Itchington filling station. 1930s

Chilvers Coton. Coton Arches

Coton Arches, Nuneaton. 1920s

Coleshill. High Street

Phipp's garage and five doors lower down the former "Three Horseshoes Inn", High Street, Coleshill. 1958

Coleshill. High Street

View of High Street, Coleshill. 1900s

Derek Miles' Garage

A view of Derek Miles' Garage on the High Street in Leamington Spa, c. 1960-1969.

Grendon. Boot Inn

Two motor buses standing outside The Boot Inn, Grendon, ready for departure for a tour around Warwickshire. 1900s

Harbury. Binswood End

Binswood End smithy and garage, Harbury. 1950s

Henley in Arden. High Street

High Street, Henley in Arden with shops and timbered house. 1910s

Henley in Arden. Market Cross

The market cross, Henley in Arden. 1920s [I have this postcard in my possession, I have dated it between 1933 and 1937]

Kenilworth. Crackley Hill, Coventry Road

Coventry Road, approaching Kenilworth. The railway bridge is seen crossing the road, with cars and a bus passing beneath. Petrol pumps are in the foreground. Circa 1935

Kenilworth. Crackley Hill, Coventry Road

Coventry Road, Kenilworth. The railway bridge is seen crossing the road with a garage on the left and cars standing on the forecourt. Circa 1947

Kingsbury. Tamworth Road

Tamworth Road, Kingsbury, showing shops and a garage and petrol station. 1960s

Lapworth. Daimler car outside garage

Daimler - 25hp, in garage entrance at Lapworth. This car was registered to Cheshire Garage, Stratford Road, Hockley Heath in 1921. Picture also shows a selection of bicycles and a garage worker. 1920s...

Leamington Spa. C. H. Soans & Son Ltd

Garage and showroom of C.H. Soans & Son Ltd., Dormer Place, Leamington Spa. 1957

Leamington Spa. Regent Garage

Motor cars and petrol pump with attendant on the forecourt of Regent Garage, Leamington Spa. 1962