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Airgraph from Bombay, 1944 Correspondence from Lloyds Bank Limited to Lieut. L.N. Nealon, reproduced in photographic form in order to reduce the size.

Alderminster. Post Office

A street in Alderminster showing post office in foreground. Bicycle leaning against wall of house, woman standing nearby. Other people in distance. 1920s

Alderminster. White Bridge

The White Bridge, Alderminster, showing the postman with bicycle crossing wooden bridge and a house in the background. 1920s

Astley. Post Office

Post Office and cottages in Astley. 1900s

Astley. Sub-Postmasters

Astley sub- postmasters in the late 19th century.

Austrey. Post Office

A man and his dog standing outside Austrey Post Office. 1900s

Bilton. Post Office

View of street, showing George Inn and thatched post office, Bilton. 1930s

Bilton. Post Office

Street scene in Bilton showing post office and the George Inn. 1910s

Binton. Post Office

The post office at Binton. 1900s

Certificate Tube

A cardboard tube for posting certificates with a cardboard lid which seals either end. The tube has an address label and a George V postage stamp, 1920.

Clifford Chambers. Post Office

Clifford Chambers Post Office. 1910s

Curdworth. Post Office

"Pescods" Post Office and stores, Curdworth. 1900s

Eathorpe. Post Office

The Post Office at Eathorpe with lady standing in doorway. 1900s

Edgehill. Post Office

Edgehill Post Office. Two women in doorway. Brick house in distance. 1920s.


A limited edition envelope issued by Bletchley Park with Atefan Knapp's 'Battle of Britain' mural and the Polish and British national flags.


A cream coloured envelope sent to Miss Bell. The postmark is from Warwick and Leamington Spa and the date is 17th December. The envelope dates from the 1960s.


A brown envelope sent to Miss Bell from Birkett and Phillips of Nottingham. The postmark is dated 22nd August 1961.


A white envelope sent to Miss Bell with a postmark from Peterborough. The envelope is dated 16th December 1964.