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Advertisement for Thomas Paris, Gun and Pistol Maker

A small black and white printed card advertising Thomas Paris Gun and Pistol Maker, Leamington Spa and the Leamington Spa Brewery. c.1816

Arbury. Old Teahouse

The Old Teahouse, Arbury. 1906

Assise of Bread [John Powell, editor], 1608 - woodcuts, p.D1v, detail.

Bakers at work: Shakespeare's neighbours. In towns few people baked their own bread on account of the dangers of chimney fires. The baker’s role was one of the most important in any community, ...

Assise of Bread [John Powell,editor] , 1608 - title page, p.A1r.

Bakery regulations: a source for Shakespeare. The woodcuts in this official government text that regulated the work of bakers show the work of kitchens with which Shakespeare would have been familiar. ...

Assise of Bread [John Powell,editor] ,1608 - table of permitted weights of loaves, p.D2r.

Contemporary unrest provided ideas for the food riots in Coriolanus. This page shows bakers at work above the official charts published for authorized legal weights of loaves of bread. In 1608 famine ...

Bedworth. Horse drawn bread delivery van

Horse drawn bread delivery van owned by a Mr Faulconbridge, Bedworth. 1920s

Beer Bottle

This glass bottle was made by Radford Hall Brewery. The name of the brewery is moulded around the bottom of the bottle.

Beer Bottle

This green, glass bottle is from Lucas & Co. Brewery, Leamington Spa. The side of the bottle is moulded with 'LUCAS & CO LIMITED - LEAMINGTON TRADE MARK REGISTERED' and the Bear and Ragged Staff. The ...

Biscuit Box

This miniature metal box with lid is from Peek Frean and Co. The attached label is printed with a picture of a child eating a biscuit and reads: 'Peek Frean And Co. / Pat-A-Cake / Biscuits'.

Bone Netting Needle

The netting needle has the remains of a threading eye at the base and a pair of notches above for fixing the twine. This was found in a female burial. 6th Century A.D. 160mm long 1922/23 excavations ...


Bottle from Leamington Spa, c.1760. A dark brown glass bottle for ale or wine. It has a globular base with a long neck. There is a moulded inscription on the side reading 'H and Co', for Hammond and Co ...


A dark green glass bottle with a stopper. The bottle has a moulded inscription on the front with information about S.H. Marsden of Leamington Spa.


A long, thin, pale green glass bottle with a cork stopper. It has a moulded Victorian registration mark on one side.


A colourless, circular shaped, glass bottle with an oval cross section. It was made to contain O'Connell's Patent Siphonia, 1862.


A clear glass, drop-shaped water bottle. The bottle has a moulded inscription for Kinmond and Co.


A 750ml glass bottle with a green metal lid from the Regent Hotel, Leamington Spa. The bottle contains sparkling mineral water and is marked with the Prince Regent's Crest, 2000.


A green glass wine bottle with cream labels from the Regent Hotel, Leamington Spa. It contained white French table wine. The bottle has the remains of a yellow coloured metal seal around the top.


This glass bottle has 'THE / LEAMINGTON SPA / AERATED WATERS / CO LTD' moulded onto the front.