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Alcester. Decorated bicycles

A group of men and women each with decorated bicycles. Circa 1890

Alcester. Evesham Street

Evesham Street, Alcester, with The Lion Inn in the foreground. 1940s

Alcester. G H Hopkins cycle shop

G H Hopkins cycle shop on corner of Church St and Malt Mill Lane with shopkeeper and cycles outside. 1900

Alcester. Gathering in front of the church

A large public gathering outside St Nicholas church, Alcester. 1920s

Alcester. Henley Street

Henley Street, Alcester. 1920s

Alcester. Malt Mill Lane

Malt Mill Lane, Alcester. 1930s

Ardens Grafton. Village scene

A street in Ardens Grafton. A family out cycling. 1956

Ashow. Thatched cottage

Thatched cottage in Ashow with cottage garden, wooden fence running along street front and a motorbike, reg. number AC2000, leaning against fence. 1910s

Ashow. Village street

Village street in Ashow, with man delivering goods from horse drawn cart, ladies pushing bikes along street, child carrying bucket and labourer sweeping lane. 1900s

Atherstone. Church Street

The Angel Inn, shops, vehicles and pedestrians, Church Street, Atherstone. 1960s

Atherstone. Long Street

Long Street, Atherstone, showing pedestrians and shops. Red Lion Hotel on right. 1920s

Atherstone. Ram Yard

Group of children outside 16 - 18 Ram Yard, Atherstone. 1900s

Barton. Main Street looking west

The main street in Barton, looking west. A man and his bicycle are seen standing in the road. Circa 1910

Bearley. Wooded lane

Wooded lane with lady holding bicycle in Bearley. 1900s

Bicyclettes, Paris

Christopher Richard Wynne Nevinson (1889-1946) Bicyclettes, Paris Oil on board 400mm x 298mm View of a Parisian street with a bicycle shop among the buildings to the right, a row of bicycles and a figure ...

Bilton. Street scene

A street scene in Bilton including a cycle shop and post office. 1930s

Binton. Village scene

Binton village street scene. 1900s

Board Game - 'Wheeling'

This board game dates from the end of the 19th century, when cycling was very popular both with men and women. It is called 'Wheeling - a new and exciting game for cyclists.' The small box, containing ...