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Beautiful Britain: Stratford on Avon with Leamington & Warwick

Beautiful Britain: Stratford on Avon with Leamington & Warwick, by Dixon Scott. The book features colour illustrations by Fred Whitehead. It was published by A & C Black Ltd, London, and printed by Billing ...


A black and white postcard depicting a boy climbing over a stile. Writing along the bottom left reads 'The Tumble-Down Stile, Charlecote'. 87mm x 138mm

European Cup Race Walking Programme

A souvenir programme for the European Cup Race Walking 2007, which was held at Victoria Park, Leamington Spa on 20 May 2007.

Foxcote. A seat in a tree in a wood

Seat in tree in wood, Foxcote. Rustic ladder for access. 1910s

Holly Walk, Leamington Spa

A view of Holly Walk in Leamington Spa. This is one of a collection of twelve photographs in a series, called 'Leafy Leamington', c.1904

John Gerarde, The Herball, 1597 - Goosetree described by Gerarde, p.1392.

Locations of plants known to Shakespeare's contemporaries. Herbals and gardening books in Elizabethan England often describe the locations in which a plant may be found in the wild, as well as where ...

New River Walk, Leamington

Unknown New River Walk, Leamington Watercolour on paper 174mm x 368mm The painting depicts a view of the River Leam at Leamington Spa. Figures are walking along a path beside the river, towards a large ...

New River Walk, Leamington Spa

A photograph of a woman walking along New River Walk, by F. Bedford c.1870 The New River Walk runs alongside the river Leam in Leamington Spa, from Adelaide Bridge to the weir by Prince's Drive.

Nine Angry Bulls

This is an oil painting on canvas depicting bulls disturbed by a hare. It is by an artist of the English School dating from about 1870. A horserider and two walkers have been disturbed by the bulls running ...

Notice, 'Leamington Peripatetics'

A silk notice printed in blue ink entitled Leamington Peripatetics with notes by Dr Jephson.

Pump Room Gardens, Leamington Spa

A photograph of people sitting on benches along an avenue in the Pump Room Gardens, Leamington Spa. As well as taking the waters, visitors to Leamington were advised of the health benefits of taking leisurely ...


A traditional Polish wooden walking stick. It is stained with horizontal stripes and varnished. It has a carved floral design cut through the staining and varnish on the shaft. The handle is carved in ...


Wooden stick with a knobbled surface and handle, and a glazed appearance.

View of the River Thames, London

This is an oil painting on canvas depicting a bridge across the River Thames. It was believed this shows Putney Bridge, but due to the curve of the river, is more likely to be Cremone Bridge which crosses ...

Walking Stick

Walking stick, shaped as if it is bamboo. It has a carved Pekinese dog forming the handle. Oriental scenes are carved along its length.

Walking Stick

Medium brown colour wooden walking stick made from a natural piece of wood. The knob handle is natural although it has the appearance of a wizened face.

Walking Stick

Plain, straight walking stick from Africa. It is medium brown in colour. The handle is carved in the form of a native figure, which is the same width as the stick.

Walking Stick

Long straight walking stick from South Africa. It is made from a medium brown wood. The handle is formed by two African figures standing back to back.