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Military Recruitment Poster

A poster appealing for young men to enlist. The text reads 'The Prime Minister's/ Advice To The Young Unmarried Men/ And/ Pledge To Married Men...'. Published by the Parliamentary Recruiting Committee, ...

Military Recruitment Poster

A recruitment poster featuring a quotation by the Prime Minister, 1914. The poster is printed on white paper with black printing. The text reads 'It Is Going To Be A Long / Drawn-Out Struggle / ... / ...


This paperweight is said to be made from a piece of wood used to make Cecil Rhodes' coffin in 1902. Cecil Rhodes (1853-1902) was an imperial statesman and prime minister of the Cape Colony in Africa.

Portrait of Herbert Henry Asquith

A colour postcard by Valentines from the Men of the Moment series. It is printed with a photographic portrait of the Right Honorable H.H. Asquith set against the Union Jack flag. Herbert Henry Asquith ...

The Right Honorable William Pitt

H. EldridgeThe Right Honourable William Pitt, 1801Engraved by Anthony Cardon (1772 - 1813), 1804385mm x 290mmThe print is a portrait of a gentleman sitting in a chair, with a window behind him and a table ...