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Ashow. River Avon

Three ladies sitting at picnic benches, reading, beside the river Avon, at Ashow. 1907

Ashow. Tea party by the River Avon

A tea party on the banks of the River Avon at Ashow. 1900s

Brailes, Lower. Church

Childrens' picnic outside the church, Lower Brailes, probably on Mafeking Day. 1900.

Brailes, Lower. Family picnic

A family picnic at Lower Brailes. The boy seated at the front is Marshall Findlay, the girl on the right with the dog is Miss Garrard, the man on the extreme right is the Rev. Garrard, next to him is ...

Country Fete

This oil painting on panel depicts people at a fete in the grounds of a house and was painted by the English School about 1840. It was originally joined to another panel called 'Country Procession'. ...

Country Fete and Procession

These are two panel paintings which were originally joined which are painted by an English School about 1840. One shows people at a fete in the grounds of a house, and the other, people arriving at the ...

Country Procession

This panel painting depicts people arriving at a Country Fete on foot, horseback and by carriage. Some are making a tour of the allotment gardens. This painting was originally joined to Country Fete, ...

George Tuberville, The Noble Art of Venerie or Hunting, 1611 - A royal picnic, p.91.

A picnic for Shakespeare's royal patron. Among the many engravings of huntsmen and their dogs that illustrate Turberville’s book of the chase, is this of the mid-day break for a meal with wine, ...

Giovanni Boccaccio, The Decameron, 1620 - book 2 p.13v

Fine printing in Shakespeare's time. This volume was printed by Isaac Jaggard who worked alongside his father, William, and later inherited the family printing house. Isaac’s fine edition of ...

Giovanni Boccaccio, The Decameron, 1620 - Book 2, p.112r.

A ribald tale in a Shakespeare sourcebook Shakespeare’s wide range of reading gave him a knowledge of many Italian writers and their work that he might potentially use in his plays, or poems. ...

Picnic With A Dog

Keith Henderson (17th April 1883 -1983) Picnic With A Dog Pencil and watercolour on paper 150mm x 310mm Two girls and two boys are sitting on a blanket having a picnic, there is a dog to the right of ...

Royal Warwickshire Regiment.

Soldiers of The Royal Warwickshire Regiment relaxing with a picnic and having a swim. Place unknown. 1910s

Small Barrel or Costrel

This small wooden barrel, or costrel, has an iron handle and iron rings to hold the staves, wooden strips, in place. Costrels were used by farm workers to carry their beer and cider out to the fields. ...

Stratford upon Avon. Family picnic

Family group of two adults and three teenage children enjoying a picnic. Note the carrier bag from G. Reynolds, grocers, Stratford upon Avon. 1910s