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1 + 1 = 1

Jordan Baseman 1 + 1 = 1, August 2002 VHS Video tape Commissioned with support from the Collaborative Arts Unit of the Arts Council of England and purchased with support from the Wellcome Trust, 1+1=1 ...

3 Graces

Sir Terry Frost (13th October 1915 - 1 September 2003) 3 Graces, c.1980 Etching 350mm x 338mm A square, measuring 200mm x 200mm, indented into the paper by approximately 0.5mm. Over this is a line drawing ...

A Thames Barge

Dora A Thames Barge Ink on paper 205mm x 130mm The etching depicts a river scene with a barge in the foreground, and other boats in the background.

A Venetian Canal

W. Knox A Venetian Canal, 1919 Watercolour on paper 255mm x 360mm This painting depicts a scene along a canal in Venice, Italy. In the centre a figure is steering a gondola down the canal.

A Visit from the Doctor

Caspar Netscher (After) (1639-1684 A Visit from the Doctor, 1775-1800 Oil on panel 255mm x 330mm The German artist Caspar Netscher began his training at an early age in Arnhem, under the direction ...

A Warwickshire Beacon, Burton Dassett

Frederick William Newton Whitehead (1853-1938) A Warwickshire Beacon, Burton Dassett Oil on canvas 500mm x 750mm A landscape scene looking up a slight hill towards a windmill. There is a cart and two ...

A Warwickshire Scene

Charles Thomas Burt (1823-1902) A Warwickshire Scene Oil on canvas 495mm x 750mm A harvest scene, two men are cutting corn and piling it into bundles.

A Woodland Sketch

John Burgess (Jnr) (1813-1874) A Woodland Sketch Pencil on paper 260mm x 360mm A drawing of trees in a wood.

A Worcestershire Scene

Thomas Baker (1808-1864) A Worcestershire Scene, 1836 Watercolour on paper 185mm x 260mm A view of thatched cottages in Worcestershire.


Edith C. Reynolds (fl. 1909-1937) Alfriston Watercolour and pencil on paper 250mm x 365mm This painting depicts a view of the village of Alfriston in East Sussex.

Alma Ramsey

Alma Ramsey (1907-1993) Alma Ramsey, May 1937 Charcoal and watercolour on paper 220mm x 380mm This is a portrait of Alma Ramsey's first child, Simon Hosking. Simon was born in December 1936 and according ...

Ambush I I

Basil James Nightingale (1864-1940) Ambush II, 1902 Ink on paper 295mm x 420mm A portrait of the 1902 Grand National winning horse Ambush II, which belonged to King Edward VII. The inscription at ...


Elizabeth Whitehead (1854-1934) Amsterdam Watercolour on paper 400mm x 295mm A view of the waterfront at Amsterdam, Holland. Elizabeth and her brother Frederick studied art under the direction of ...

An Account of Alma Ramsey: Life History

Sarah Hosking Booklet, 2000 An account of Alma Ramsey's life history made by her daughter.

An Arab Boy

George Percy Jacomb-Hood (1857-1929) An Arab Boy Watercolour on paper 235mm x 340mm A painting of a boy reclining on the sand in Tangiers, Morocco.

An Old Bridge, Stoneleigh - A Sketch

Sarah Metcalf (fl. 1889-1909 d.1912)An Old Bridge, Stoneleigh - A Sketch Watercolour on paper 350mm x 250mm A view along a country lane at Stoneleigh, Warwickshire. Metcalf's tutor has written comments ...


Sir Terry Frost (13th October 1915 - 1 September 2003) Anchor, 1982 Etching and aquatint492mm x 368mm A rectangle, measuring 291mm by 207mm, indented into the paper by approximately 0.5mm. The rectangle ...

'And To Show You I'm Not Proud You May Shake Hands With Me!'

Peter Blake (born 1932) 'And To Show You I'm Not Proud You May Shake Hands with Me!', 1970 Ink on paper silk screen print 240mm x 180mm Donated by Dr Ursula Hoff, 1984, to the Contemporary Art Society ...