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Arboretum, Tachbrook Road, Leamington Spa

Photograph by P Parsons of the Arboretum on Tachbrook Road, Leamington Spa. The Arboretum was built by Dr Hitchman, in 1864, as a Hydropathic treatment centre. In 1885 the Arboretum became the Midland ...

Babelik's Hospital, Warwick

Ambrose Poynter (1796-1886) Babelik's Hospital, Warwick Pencil and watercolour on paper 205mm x 130mm The drawing depicts a street scene in Warwick.

Bablake Hospital Showing Hill Street, Coventry

Showing exterior of Bablake Hospital with Bond's Hospital to the right.

Bedworth. New Hospital

New hospital of Nicholas Chamberlain, Bedworth. 1839

Brailes, Lower. Red Cross Hospital

Interior of The Institute which was in use as a hospital for wounded Belgian Soldiers run by the Red Cross, showing the interior of a ward with a group of nurses. Note the paraffin lamp lighting. Lower ...

Brailes, Lower. Wounded Belgian soldiers

Group of wounded Belgian soldiers outside Red Cross Hospital in the Institute, Lower Brailes. 1914

Coleshill. St Gerards Hospital

Two patients enjoying the air outside the hospital of St Gerards, at Coleshill. 1917

Coleshill. Vicarage, V.A.D. Hospital

Coleshill vicarage was used as a V.A.D. Hospital from 1915.

Corner Of The Courtyard, Leycester's Hospital

Ink on paperA Corner Of The Courtyard, Leycester's Hospitalby W W Keyworth 310mm x 250mm This picture depicts a view of the courtyard at the Lord Leycester Hospital, Warwick. There is a drawing of the ...

Coventry & Warwickshire Hospital Bomb Damage

Showing damage done to exterior of the building. A group of men can be seen clearing rubble in the foreground of image.

Coventry & Warwickshire Hospital, Main Entrance

Showing front exterior of building.

Farnborough Hall. Hospital in the Great War

Farnborough Hall when used as a hospital in Great War. Group of patients (soldiers) with nurse. 1914-18

Harborough Magna. Isolation hospital

The first isolation hospital, prior to its rebuilding in the 1930s, Harborough Magna. 1930s

Harborough Magna. St Luke's Hospital

St Luke's hospital, which was rebuilt in the 1930s, was used as an isolation hospital, Harborough Magna. 1950s

Hatton. Asylum Lodge. Leigh House

Leigh House, Hatton Asylum. 1910s

Hatton. Asylum branch building entrance

Path leading to a branch building at the asylum (Central Hospital), Hatton. 1890s

Hatton. Asylum Lodge.

The Lodge at Hatton Asylum with a nurse standing at the gate. 1900s

Hatton. Central Hospital

Hatton Central Hospital View of tower from drive. 1953