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This backscratcher is made from a long thin wooden stick with a small ivory human hand at one end. This was a popular design in the 1770s. During this period the fashion for large powdered wigs and the ...

Bone Comb

Two fragments of a double-sided, bone comb with central strengthening plates fastened with iron rivets. 6th Century A.D. 129mm long x 43mm wide 1922/23 excavations (Grave 152)

Glasses and Box

These spectacles belonged to Isaac Evans, the brother of George Eliot. Their father, Robert Evans, had passed them down to him. Isaac and his sister had been close when young, but later disagreed over ...

Grave Goods

Collection of metal objects including two small, matching, bronze square-headed brooches and a gilded pendant (right). 6th Century A.D. 1922/23 excavations (Grave 187)

Hairbrush decorated with Mother of Pearl

A hairbrush with long fine bristles and a wooden handle. The back is decorated with mother of pearl forming a diamond pattern with alternating white and coloured diamonds.


Two folding silver rimmed lenses with a handle and ring at the bottom.

Lorgnette Case

A black case with a silver surround for opening. The lorgnette case has a black velvet lining with a metal chain and clasp.


A small rectangular silver matchbox, hallmarked on the inner rim and engraved 'W.C.G.C./ May 7th/ 1898'. The matchbox has a lid hinged at one side and ridges and hollows along the base for striking matches. ...


A black silk parasol with a carved handle, possibly ebony, c.1895.


A red silk parasol with a wooden handle.


An early Victorian parasol with a wooden handle. It is made of brown silk and decorated with a floral pattern and a brown and beige fringe.


A parasol from the Victorian period. It is decorated with brown silk and has a wooden handle.


A parasol from the victorian period. It is made from pale blue silk with black lace edging and an ivory handle.


A turquoise and gold silk parasol with fringe. It has a wooden handle with flaking white paint.

Parasol Handle

A Victorian parasol handle. It is a long carved wooden handle with a tassle at the curved end.

Parasol Handle

This is an ivory parasol handle from China. The shaft is ornately decorated with deeply carved scenes and figures. A carved dragons head forms the handle. There is a fixing at the end for attaching the ...

Pocket Watch

The watch has a silver casing which bears a London silver mark and the letters 'TG'. It has a gold or gilt movement and hands, with a black figuring and a seconds dial. The watch face is inscribed, c.1800-1820....

Pocket Watch

A gold coloured watch with a black face. There is one hand for the minutes and the hours appear in a small window at the top, the watch is currently showing the time as just gone half past three.