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Basket of Flowers

Studio of Jan van Kessel I Basket of Flowers, 1650-1675 Oil on copper 164mm x 216mm A basket of tulips, irises, anemone, forget-me-nots, roses and lilies of the valley on a small table. The light from ...

Blue Heaven

Tania Kovats (born 1966) Blue Heaven, 1995 Sculpture from plant bulbs, with seeds in resin Tania Kovats' garden series explores the metaphors of illness, specifically in relation to AIDS and Cancer and ...

Butterfly And Flower

Captain Mark G. Field (1884-1953) Butterfly And Flower Watercolour on paper 170mm x 120mm


Edith D. Banks Celebration, 1961 Oil on canvas 340mm x 440mm A painting of flowers.

Christmas Roses

James Valentine Jelley Christmas Roses Oil on canvas 320mm x 370mm A still life of white roses by candlelight.

Cornflowers And Marguerites

The Grand Duchess Olga Of Russia (1882-1960) Cornflowers And Marguerites Watercolour on paper 360mm x 410mm A still life of a glass vase containing blue and white flowers. Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna ...


Robert Van Buren Emmons (fl. 1928-1938) Dahlias Oil on canvas 500mm x 600mm A still life painting of three dahlias in a green vase.

Daturas and Poinsettias

Keith Henderson (1883-1983) Daturas And Poinsettias Pastel on card 600mm x 430mm


Edwin Byatt (1888-1948) Delphiniums Watercolour on paper 550mm x 380mm Still life painting of a brown earthenware jug containing flowers.

Evening Flower

Tania Kovats (born 1966) Evening Flower, 1995 Sculpture from Plant bulbs, with seeds in resin Tania Kovats' garden series explores the metaphors of illness, specifically in relation to AIDS and Cancer ...

Flowers From the Upper Alps With Glimpses of Their Homes

A hard backed book containing descriptions and chromolithographic plates of alpine plants, 1869.

Garland of Flowers

Jan Baptist Morel (attributed to) Garland of Flowers, 1720-1730 Oil on canvas 435mm x 348mm A garland of flowers surrounding an oval medallion in grisaille depicting two putti. Jan Baptist Morel was born ...

Greetings Card

An irregular shaped greetings card depicting snowdrops.


Mary Margetts (fl. 1841-1886) Hollyhocks Watercolour on paper 700mm x 500mm A still life of hollyhocks, pink and white flowers.


Carl Roth (1871-1958) Irises Watercolour on paper 290mm x 225mm

John Gerarde, The Herball, 1597 - garden detail on title page

Shakespeare set scenes in gardens such as this Many scenes in Shakespeare’s plays are set in gardens. The formal lay-out of beds and hedges seen on this title-page engraving were familiar to ...

John Gerarde, The Herball, 1597 - Clove gilloflowers, p.472.

Carnations are the source for a Shakespearian argument in The Winter’s Tale. Gerarde described carnations [pinks] with their ancient name ‘clove gillivors’ and Shakespeare’s ...

John Gerarde, The Herball, 1597 - daffodils, p.108

b>Autolycus sings of daffodils in The Winter’s Tale Autolycus, the former courtier turned pedlar, first arrives on the scene singing of the joys of spring: ‘When daffodils begin to peer... ...