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Colliss Sketchbook - Old Oak Tree

William Colliss (d.1926) Old Oak Tree Said to Mark the Centre of England, August 6th 1867, Tuesday This drawing is from a portfolio containing 41 pages of sketches and watercolour paintings. It was bought ...

Country Fete

This oil painting on panel depicts people at a fete in the grounds of a house and was painted by the English School about 1840. It was originally joined to another panel called 'Country Procession'. ...

Country Fete and Procession

These are two panel paintings which were originally joined which are painted by an English School about 1840. One shows people at a fete in the grounds of a house, and the other, people arriving at the ...

Country Procession

This panel painting depicts people arriving at a Country Fete on foot, horseback and by carriage. Some are making a tour of the allotment gardens. This painting was originally joined to Country Fete, ...

Georg Braun and Franz Hogenberg, Londinium, c. 1572 - detail of city walls on the north-west.

London's City walls and the fields beyond in Shakespeare's time. Close beyond the city walls lay fields and orchards. The engraving shows the wooden frames on which laundresses would hang fabric to ...

Gospel Oak, Lapworth

A blank postcard with a blue embossed address on the reverse side. An inscription reads 'Gospel Oak, Lapworth, Birmingham, Lapworth 135'. There is a pencil message under the address.

Hampton Lucy. Church

View of church and houses in Hampton Lucy. 1900s

Henley in Arden. High Street

Houses and Yew Trees in High Street, Henley in Arden. 1910s

Jabet's Ash

Once marked the old boundary of the city on Binley Road. Taken down in 1915 and replaced by another grown from it.

John Gerarde, The Herball, 1597 - apples woodcut, p.1274, detail.

Apples, at the end of a meal are mentioned in Shakespeare's The Merry Wives of Windsor. Gerarde’s herbal includes all kinds of fruit and trees as well as flowers and vegetables, many of which ...

Lapworth Oak, Warwickshire

A sepia photograph of the Lapworth Oak, at Lapworth, near Knowle. 165mm x 204mm

Lighthorne. Thatched cottages

Thatched cottage with smithy and forge attached, looking along Old School Lane in Lighthorne. 1900s

Lights of Leamington, Jephson Gardens, Leamington Spa

A black and white photograph of a night scene during the Lights of Leamington in the Jephson Gardens, Leamington Spa, with an illuminated tree. The first Lights of Leamington was the town's contribution ...

Lights of Leamington, Jephson Gardens, Leamington Spa

A black and white photograph, by John Maltby, of a night scene during the Lights of Leamington in the Jephson Gardens, Leamington Spa. The photograph shows an illuminated cedar tree with automatic colour ...


Philip Sutton (1928 - ) Magnificent! 2005 Oil on canvas Purchased with support from The Art Fund, MLA/V&A Purchase Grant Fund, and the Friends of Leamington Art Gallery 2006 Magnificent! is ...

Midland Oak

Rev. Canon Glass Midland Oak Watercolour on paper 748mm x 539mm A landscape scene with the Midland Oak.

Midland Oak in Lillington

A postcard featuring the Midland Oak in Lillington, 1908. The Midland Oak marks one of several places that claim to be the centre of England. This postcard is part of the Wrench Series (No.2122) published ...

Midland Oak in Lillington

This colour tinted postcard featuring the Midland Oak is part of the Peacock Brand Series and was printed in 1907 by the Pictorial Stationary Company Ltd. The Midland Oak in Lillington marks one of several ...