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All Saints Parish Church, Leamington Spa: Souvenir

This is a silk souvenir from Leamington Spa Parish Church. It is made up of two pieces of silk which are held together by a cord. The souvenir features a printed view of the church and a 'Merry Bells' ...


This is a padded RAF flying brevet or badge. The wing is embroidered in white on black.


Khaki-coloured fabric badge with CZECHOSLOVAKIA embroidered in red. It can be found inside wallet M4769.2012.1.1


This green silk evening bag was home-made in the 1930s. It is decorated with applique beads and melon seeds, and fastens with a narrow cord drawsting.


Friendly Society banner from Long Itchington. The banner is silk with wool detailing and has a gold-painted inscription and decoration. It is pennant shaped with a fringe along the bottom edge, which ...

Banner - Anti-Gulf War

A rectangular anti-Gulf War banner with blue lettering on a white background, with a safety pin attached.

Banner - Anti-Gulf War

A long rectangular anti-Gulf War banner with nine panels divided by red, green, black and yellow bands. In the centre panel there is black and red lettering. There are peoples' signatures on four panels ...

Banner - Anti-Gulf War

A long rectangular patchwork peace / anti-Gulf War banner. It was made by children and has brightly coloured paintings and slogans.

Banner - Free East Timor

A rectangular protest banner from Coventry with black lettering on a white background. It has pictures of a creature with wings and legs in a diamond shape on either side of the lettering. The banner ...

Banner - Pro-Road Traffic Reduction Bill

A rectangular protest banner with black lettering on a white background.

Book Mark

A woven silk book mark, made in Coventry. It shows a chair and bible and features a poem by Eliza Cook.

Book Mark

A silk book mark depicting a boy and a girl in a garden, c.1870-1910.

Book Mark

A silk bookmark from Leamington Spa bearing a robin sitting on a holly branch. There is mistletoe and a star above. Below are the words: 'A Merry Christmas To You' with holly and ivy underneath. There ...

Book Mark

This long, silk bookmark was made to celebrate the Coventry and Midland Industrial and Art Exhibition of 1867. It is decorated with embroidered views of Coventry and Stoneleigh Abbey, and a portrait of ...


Bookmark from 14 Ranelagh Terrace, Leamington Spa. A woven silk bookmark with green, red and yellow patterns on a white background and the lyrics to Abide With Me.


A woven silk bookmark with an embroidered pattern in burgundy, green, gold and blue and a gold tassle. The inscription gives the words to the hymn Rock of Ages.


A brown silk bow for a bustle with a brown fringed ribbon applied to the ends.

Broderie Anglais Fabric Sample

Long length of Broderie Anglais fabric sample with a pierced decoration of stylised leaves and flowers.