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This is a broken flint arrowhead.

Atherstone. White Lion Yard

White Lion Yard between Station Street and Coleshill Road in Atherstone. 1900s Washing line and wooden wheelbarrow.

Auger, early 20th century

This taper auger has an ash handle and metal blade. Augers were used to bore large, deep holes in wood. They were used by various craftsmen, such as coopers and shipwrights. This one was used by a wheelright. Early ...


This is a pipe tomahawk from the Praire and Eastern Woodlands of North America. It is made from an 'English type' metal blade, attached to a long wooden handle. The blade is attached to the shaft of the ...

Axe Head

This is a Maori axe head from the west coast of New Zealand. It is made of black polished stone.

Axe Head

This is a large, yellow flint axe head. It dates from the palaeolithic period.

Axe Head

This is a large, wedge-shaped, flint handaxe. It dates from the palaeolithic period.

Axe Head

Polished pale coloured flint axe head, from North America, which is angular in shape.

Axe Head

A small polished black stone axe head, with one end sharpened. The other end forms a point so that it can be fixed to a wooden handle.

Barbed Spearhead

This is a barbed metal spearhead. It is made of a short, thick blade with barbed metal slanting back towards the rod. There are two grooves where the rod attached to the spearhead.

Bean Dibber

This is a bean dibbing iron. The dibber was pushed into the ground to make holes for seeds or plants.


This bell was used to summon servants and belonged to local author George Eliot. It came from the bedroom [?] of Bird Grove House in Coventry where she lived with her father. The bell was found during ...


Bellows from Foleshill. They are made from a long metal tube with a fan at one end. An attached rotating wheel causes the fan to operate and blow air down the tube. Bellows are used to help light fires ...

Bill Hook

This is a basket maker's bill hook. It belonged to Mr Bull, who was apprenticed to Bradley's Basket Makers on Regent Street, Leamington Spa.


A large iron bolt, with a flat head, from J. Clark and Sons. J. Clark and Sons were whitesmiths, locksmiths and bell hangers. From 1880 to 1980 they lived and worked in a small workshop at 66.5 Clarendon ...


An iron bolt from J. Clark and Sons. The bolt has a square head, and a rectangular slot through one end. J. Clark and Sons were whitesmiths, locksmiths, and bell hangers. From 1880 to 1980 they lived ...

Bone Comb

Two fragments of a double-sided, bone comb with central strengthening plates fastened with iron rivets. 6th Century A.D. 129mm long x 43mm wide 1922/23 excavations (Grave 152)

Bone Netting Needle

The netting needle has the remains of a threading eye at the base and a pair of notches above for fixing the twine. This was found in a female burial. 6th Century A.D. 160mm long 1922/23 excavations ...