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Barley Jug - side

This jug is made from Staffordshire pottery and is thought to have belonged to Mr. Robert Evans, the father of local author George Eliot. George Eliot (born Mary Ann Evans) was a local authoress ...

Beaker. Fulham

Fulham ware stoneware beaker, with a brown glaze 1671-1800 It has raised decoration of a cottage, 'Uncle Toby' and a stag hunt.

Bellarmine Jug

Brown stoneware jug c.1610 It bears a bearded mask moulded onto the shoulder. It also has a device of stems and leaves moulded into the body within a patterned eliptical border.

Bellarmine Jug

Mottled brown stoneware jug c.1600 There is a bearded mask drawn with prominent eyebrows and teeth on the shoulder. There is also an antlered head moulded into the body within a circular wreath, surrounded ...

Bellarmine Jug

Stoneware jug c.1620 Grey-white stoneware jug, with a raised bearded mark on the shoulder.


Stoneware wine bottle from J. Daily, 4 Grand Parade, Leamington Spa. It has a cream and brown glaze. There is a handle attached to one side of the bottle. J. Daily was taken over by Kinmond and Co.

Bottle. Lambeth

Brown stoneware salt-glazed bottle Lambeth c.1800-1825 It has a powder flask shape, with a raised decoration of gun dogs retrieving a game bird between fluted panels.

Bowl. Stoke-on-Trent, William Adams & Sons

Bowl made by William Adams & Sons Stoke-On-Trent c.1787-1805 A blue and white jasper bowl, with a raised white frieze decoration of classical figures. It bears the impressed mark of 'ADAMS'. Jasper is ...

Cobbler's Wax Pot

This salt-glazed, stoneware pot was used by the cobbler W. Smith and Son to hold wax. In 1875 William Smith bought the shoe shop at 58 Bath Street, Leamington Spa, where he was apprenticed. He ran the ...

Cremation Urns

Black earthenware cremation urns with decoration. Burnt bones were placed inside these urns. The pots were hand made (i.e. they were not made on a potter’s wheel) and were decorated by incising and stamping ...

Dish. Fenton Vivien. Thomas Whieldon

Dish Fenton Vivien, Staffordshire c.1740-1780 A Whieldon salt-glazed stoneware dish, with brown mottled decoration and scalloped edges. Thomas Whieldon (1719-1795) was one of the leading potters of the ...

Dish. Stafforshire

Dish Staffordshire c.1760 A stoneware, salt-glazed shallow dish. It has a raised basketwork pattern of fretted squares on the interior and exterior panels.

Figure. Staffordshire

Figure Staffordshire c.1775-1800 A Staffordshire stoneware bust of a woman wearing a brown dress. She has a yellow cloak or scarf draped over her head. The bust is on a marble effect base.


A white cylindrical stoneware gallipot. The pot has three deep ridges on the sides, and a hole through the base.

Ink Jar

A salt-glazed stoneware ink jar. It is terracotta in colour and has two chips on the bottom.

Jar. Maw & Co

A small stoneware jar with a lid by Maws. The jar has a white rim and straight sides.


A large stoneware jug with a handle and a corck seal. The jug has a beige glaze on its shoulder and handle. It is from Burgis and Colbourne Ltd, Leamington Spa, and was possibly used as a pickling jar, ...


Jug Lillington c.1300-1499 A stoneware jug, from Lillington Manor Pit, Lillington. The handle is broken off. It is light brown, with a mottled green and yellow glaze.