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Beaker. Leamington Spa

Copy of a Lowestoft bell beaker Found in the River Leam, Leamington Spa Nineteenth Century A hard paste porcelain beaker with a handle bearing blue painted decoration of flowers and a bird. The beaker ...


A porcelain blue and white patterned bowl on a pedestal foot. The bowl and foot are cracked. The bowl is decorated with scenes of pagodas, trees and birds.

Bowl. Japan

Hard paste porcelain tea bowl Japan c.1875-1925 A circular white bowl decorated with lacquer panels depicting Japanese scenes.

Bowl. Liverpool

A porcelain tea bowl Liverpool c.1754-1799 A Liverpool porcelain tea bowl decorated with painted pink and purple flowers.

Bowl. Lowestoft

Bowl Lowestoft, Suffolk c.1775 A soft-paste porcelain bowl bearing a Redgrave pattern of a Chinese style landscape scene. There are two figures on a bridge and two boats sailing on a lake.

Bowl. Lowestoft

Bowl Lowestoft c.1770 A Lowestoft porcelain open bowl. It is decorated with a painted Chinese scene of a tree and a bird. There is a pattern on the inside of the lip in orange and purple.

Bowl. Lowestoft

Porcelain bowl Lowestoft c.1780 Porcelain bowl with Chinese style decoration of flowers and a house painted in blue and brown. This bowl is also decorated on the inside of the rim.

Bowl. New Hall

Hard-paste porcelain bowl New Hall c.1800 Porcelain bowl decorated with printed coloured flowers. There is also decoration on the inside of the rim.

Bowl. Worcester

Porcelain bowl Worcester c.1770 This bowl, from the Dr Wall period, is decorated with Chinese scenes in enamel colours. There are figures of women with children.

Bowl. Worcester Porcelain Company

Porcelain bowl made by the Worcester Porcelain Company Dr Wall period, c.1770 It is decorated with a coloured transfer depicting ruins.

Bust of George Eliot - side

This bust in Parian ware depicts George Eliot, and is inscribed E-L-I-O-T at its base. It was sculpted by H.L.A Willis, who worked in Stoke-on-Trent in the early twentieth century. George Eliot (born ...

Copeland Parianware Bust of Shakespeare - 3/4 view

This parian (fine, unglazed porcelain) bust is derived from the Chandos and Chesterfield portraits. Mid nineteenth-century. Identity number SBT 1998-5/4

Cream Jug. Worcester

Porcelain cream jug Worcester c.1753 The jug has a moulded decoration with enamel painted flowers, birds and butterflys. There is a thumb rest on the handle.

Cruet Set

A porcelain cruet set. The vessels have pink bodies and white lids and handles. The salt-cellar compartment has a scene of Leamington Spa printed on it.


Cup Bristol/Worcester c.1752-1758 A Bristol/Worcester porcelain cup. It has fluted sides and painted floral enamel decoration.


Cup 1919 A two handled, white porcelain cup or mug, with a gilded rim. It has a transfer print which commemorates twenty men from Wolverton who fought for England in the First World War.

Cup. Chelsea

Cup Chelsea c.1756-1769 A soft-paste porcelain coffee cup with fruit decoration in enamel colours and gilding. This cup is of the gold anchor period c.1756-1769

Cup. China

Porcelain tea cup with the handle broken offChina It is decorated with scenes of flowers, birds and butterflies painted in vivid enamel colours.