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Conveyance by John Wodelowe to Thomas Huggeford and others, of his manor and land at Wodeloes

In exchange for lands within Wedgnock Park, as well as land in Wodelowe, to be held for ever but paying to Joyce, John's daughter, the annual rent of 40 shillings for as long as she lives after his death....

Conveyance by Ralph Brome to Roger Wigston and others, of the manors and lands at Woodloes, Woodcote, Offchurch and Warwick

Conveyance by William, Earl of Warwick to Alan his cook (son of Richard), of the office of the kitchen and lands at Woodloes and Woodcote

For the annual rent of a pair of gloves at Easter. Richard gave the Earl 10 shillings, 12 geese and a sester of wine [c4 gallons].

Lease by Matthew Wise to Thomas Birch, of Woodloes House and a farm in Woodloes

To be held from 25 March last for a term of 21 years, at the annual rent of £214 10s, with additional £10 for every acre of greensward ploughed or converted into tillage and £10 for every acre sown with ...

Warwick. Woodloes House

Tom Ledbrook, Stanley Ledbrook and Miss Foll standing at the entrance to Woodloes House. circa 1890

Warwick. Woodloes House

Exterior view of Woodloes House, Warwick. 1957