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Colliss Sketchbook - St Nicholas' Church, Warwick

William Colliss (d.1926) St Nicholas' Church, Warwick, Opposite the Castle Entrance, 7 August 1867 This drawing is from a portfolio containing 41 pages of sketches and watercolour paintings. It was bought ...


These Punch and Judy puppets have painted papier-mache heads and hats, mounted onto turned wood sticks. They may have been used in professional puppet shows rather than as children's toys.

St Nicholas' Church, Warwick

A framed colour lithograph of St. Nicholas' Church, and churchyard, Warwick. Warwick Castle is in the background and there is a male and female figure in foreground.

Warwick. Mill House

View of The Mill House, Warwick from St Nicholas Church Street. 1920s

Warwick. St Nicholas Church Street, New Bowling Green Inn

The New Bowling Green Inn, St Nicholas Church Street, Warwick. 1910s

Warwick. St Nicholas Church Street, Seymour's House

Seymour's house, Lower Church Street now St Nicholas Church Street, Warwick. 1850s

Warwick. St Nicholas' Church, recasting bells

Recasting the bells of St Nicholas Church Warwick. 1957