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Addenbrooke summoned to answer William Shakespeare, 15 March 1609. Front

There is no record of the hearing of the case which William Shakespeare brought against John Addenbrooke, but the jury clearly found in favour of Shakespeare. Here the serjeants-at-mace are ordered to ...


A hard backed Bible with a black cover used at the Leamington Spa Borough Police Court. There is an embossed inscription on the front, 1880.

John Addenbrooke released on bail: August 1608, back

Thomas Hornby, a Stratford townsman, agreed to stand bail for John Addenrooke, whereupon he was released, pending further action. Shakespeare Birthplace Trust reference: BRU 15/5/139, verso

Names of the jurors summoned in the case, Shakespeare v Addenbrooke, c. January 1609

List of twenty-four men summoned by order of 21 December 1608 to form a jury to hear the case, Shakespeare v Addenbrooke. Shakespeare Birthplace Trust reference: BRU 15/5/127b

Nuneaton. Vicarage Street

Aerial view of Vicarage Street, Nuneaton, showing Police Station and Magistrates' Court. October 29th 1965

Order to summon jurors in the case, Shakespeare v Addenbrooke, 21 December 1608

In August 1608, William Shakespeare had alleged in the local Court of Record that John Addenbrooke owed him £6. In this document, the court orders that a twenty-four men be summoned to form a jury to ...

Shakespeare pursues Philip Rogers for the recovery of a debt of 35s 10d, plus damages.

Note of a hearing in Stratford's Court of Record concerning a claim by William Shakespeare that he was owed 35s 10d by Philip Rogers arising out of the sale of 20 bushels of malt. Shakespeare's allegation ...

Shakespeare takes action against John Addenbrooke's surety, 7 June 1609. Front

The final document concerning this case is a summons to Thomas Hornby, who had stood bail for Addenbrooke when he was arrested the previous year. He now had to explain, in Addenbrooke's absence, why action ...

Shakespeare v Addenbrooke, front

Order binding jurors to appear in the case. Shakespeare Birthplace Trust reference: BRU 15/5/115

Shakespeare v Addenbrooke, front

Names of the jurors and their verdict. Shakespeare Birthplace Trust reference: BRU 15/5/116

William Shakespeare begins legal action against John Addenbrooke, 17 August 1608. Front

In the summer of 1608, William Shakespeare brought an action in the local Court of Record to recover a debt of £6 allegedly owed him by one John Addenbrooke, gentleman. He also claimed a further 24 shillings ...