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Astley. Astley Castle

Watercolour of part of Astley Castle ruin. 1800s

Astley. Astley Castle

Astley Castle. 1800s


This is a copy of Burrow's Penny Guide to Kenilworth Castle from 1912. It is number 26 in the Burrow's Penny Guides to the Castles of Old England series. The booklet was printed by W. H. Smith and Son. ...

Brailes, Upper. Castle Hill

Sheep and lambs in meadow, by Castle Hill, Upper Brailes. Motte and Bailey in distance. 1900s

Caesar's Tower, Kenilworth

Caesar's Tower, Kenilworth Ink on paper 80mm x 120mm A view of figures strolling around Caesar's Tower at Kenilworth Castle. The group of figures seated in the foreground appear to be having a picnic.

Caesar's Tower, Kenilworth

Joseph Vincent Barber (1788-1838) Caesar's Tower, Kenilworth Watercolour on paper 195mm x 300mm The painting depicts a view of the overgrown ruins of Caesar's Tower, Kenilworth Castle. The tower is one ...

Courtyard, Warwick Castle

A view of Warwick Castle courtyard, looking towards the state dining room. This photograph features two gardeners mowing the grass. Although it looks as if the building is a roofless shell, this ...

Courtyard, Warwick Castle

A view of Warwick Castle courtyard, looking towards Guy's Tower and the Gatehouse. Two gardeners are cutting the grass with the help of a horse drawn mower. This photograph was taken between 1880 ...

Courtyard, Warwick Castle

Two gardeners in Warwick Castle courtyard, looking towards the Gatehouse and Caesar's Tower. One is mowing the grass, while the other tends a horse. This photograph was taken in the 1880s.

Family Portrait at Warwick Castle

A family portrait taken at Warwick Castle, on the steps of the Great Hall. Seated in the middle is Frances Evelyn Brooke, the Countess of Warwick (popularly known as 'Daisy'). Her husband Francis, ...

Family Portrait of the Earl and Countess of Warwick and their son

A family portrait taken on the Great Hall steps at Warwick Castle around 1895. Seated in the centre is Frances Evelyn Brooke, the Countess of Warwick (known as 'Daisy' since childhood). On the right ...


Folder containing ten linocuts by Dr V. Fanderlik, a Czechoslovak soldier: 1. Macedonia, 2. Isamboul - Aia Sophia, 3. Halleb - Syria, 4. Alexandria - Egypt, 5. Kreta, 6. Fort St. Jean - Marseille, 7. ...

Francis and Leopold, 5th and 6th Earls of Warwick

A photographic portrait of Francis, 5th Earl of Warwick (seated) and son Leopold (b.1882, d.1928), the future 6th Earl) wearing fashionable boaters. The photograph was taken around 1898.

From The Strong Tower, Kenilworth Castle

Print From The Strong Tower, Kenilworth Castle 150mm x 240mm View from the Strong Tower looking towards the Great Hall. The ruins are very overgrown in this image. There are three figures to the right ...

Geoffrey Chaucer, Workes, 1602 - The Knight's Tale, Fol. 1, B1r.

The source for Shakespeare and Fletcher's play The Two Noble Kinsmen. Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, in which pilgrims each contribute a story to entertain their fellow travelers, begins with the ...

Group photograph featuring the 4th and 5th Earls and Countesses of Warwick

A group photograph, taken around 1890. Fifth from the left is George, 4th Earl of Warwick. Sixth is Anne (4th Countess). Second from the right is Frances Evelyn, the future 5th Countess. Francis, the ...

Group portrait at Warwick Castle

A group photograph at Warwick Castle, taken at the foot of the Great Hall steps on 21 June 1892. Frances Evelyn Brooke, the future Countess, is second from the right.

Hartshill. Castle

Remains of Hartshill Castle. 1800s