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Rugby. Abdication announcement

A crowd in the Market Square, Rugby listening to the abdication announcement of Edward VIII. 1936

Rugby. Boughton House

Boughton House, Market Place, Rugby, which became a tailors shop in the 1890s. 1898

Rugby. Boughton House

Interior of the study, Boughton House, Rugby. 1898

Rugby. Boughton House

Interior of the drawing room, Boughton House, Market Place, Rugby. 1898

Rugby. Boughton House

Interior of dining room, Boughton House, Market Place, Rugby. 1898

Rugby. Clock Tower

Rugby Clock Tower decorated for Queen Victoria's diamond jubilee. 1897

Rugby. Clock Tower

Rugby clock tower decorated for King George V jubilee. 1935

Rugby. Clock Tower at night

Rugby Clock Tower at night decorated for Queen Elizabeth's Coronation. 1953

Rugby. Coronation Day

Crowds in the Market Place, Rugby, at the coronation of George V. 1911

Rugby. Freeman Hardy & Willis

Freeman Hardy & Willis' shop in Market Place, Rugby. 1902

Rugby. General Election

Crowds in Rugby Market Square during the General Election of 1935.

Rugby. George Hotel

The George Hotel in the Market Place, Rugby. 1955

Rugby. High Street and Sheep Street

Market Place looking into High Street and Sheep Street, Rugby. Showing delivery van, bicycles and people shopping. 1910s

Rugby. King George V coronation celebrations

Crowds celebrating in Market Place, Rugby, for the coronation of King George V. June 22nd 1911

Rugby. Market Place

Large gathering of people celebrating an event, almost certainly the Golden Jubilee of Queen Victoria, 1837-1897, in The Market Place, Rugby. 1897

Rugby. Market Place

Rugby Market Place. 1930s

Rugby. Market Place

An early photograph of the Market Place, Rugby. What look to be market stalls are seen to the right of the picture. 1900s

Rugby. Market Place

Market stall and shops in Market Place, Rugby. 1890s