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Addenbrooke summoned to answer William Shakespeare, 15 March 1609. Front

There is no record of the hearing of the case which William Shakespeare brought against John Addenbrooke, but the jury clearly found in favour of Shakespeare. Here the serjeants-at-mace are ordered to ...

Alarm Rattle

A watchman's wooden alarm rattle, from Berkswell. It has a rotating handle at one end and a small knob at the other. The two cogs and wooden flaps produce the alarm sound.

Alcester. Chas. Jones., solicitor

Seated portrait of Chas. Jones (1804-74) Solicitor. Alcester. 1870s

Alcester. Fire Brigade

First steam fire engine c.1902, showing firemen with water hoses. Alcester Parish Council written on the side of the fire engine.


J. Deller and A. Kane Ambulance Sculpture, embroidered and appliquéd 207mm x 320mm

Axe Head

This is a metal axe head with a wooden handle. It was used by Leamington Spa Fire Brigade.


A circular metal badge with a crown at the top and a crest in the centre. It was issued to the Special Constables of the Royal Leamington Spa Borough Police Force.

Band of the Gold Coast Police

A photograph showing three members of the Band of the Gold Coast Police meeting three local policemen in Leamington Spa. This photograph was produced for the Leamington Spa Courier. © Courtesy of the ...

Band of the Gold Coast Police - Souvenir Leaflet

This is a souvenir leaflet to commemorate the visit of the band of the Gold Coast police to Leamington Spa. The Gold Coast was the name of a former British colony, which became the independant state of ...

Banner - Pro-Road Traffic Reduction Bill

A rectangular protest banner with black lettering on a white background.

Barford. Bridge Street

A large articulated lorry negotiating the Bridge Street/Church Street junction in Barford. Police are directing the operation. 1967


A hard backed Bible with a black cover used at the Leamington Spa Borough Police Court. There is an embossed inscription on the front, 1880.

Binton. Police Station

Binton Police Station with horse standing outside. 1900s

Chief Constable of the Leamington Borough Police Force

A photograph showing the departure of the Chief Constable of the Leamington Borough Police Force when it was dissolved to become the Warwickshire Constabulary in 1947. 166mm x 222mm © Courtesy of the ...

Civil Defence Message

Message 14099 issued by the Civil Defence Corps on 28th December 1951. The notice gives information about recruitment for the Civil Defence Corps and the Auxiliary fire service.

Civil Defence Recruitment Procedure Circular

This is a circular from Warwickshire County Council giving advice and guidelines about the Civil Defence Recruitment Procedure. It outlines the recruitment of Auxiliary Fire Services, Special Constabulary ...

Coleshill. "Ye Olde Stocks"

"Ye Olde Stocks" in Coleshill. 1910s

Coleshill. Auxiliary Fire Brigade

Coleshill Auxiliary Fire Service. 1939-1945